Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The 25-cent display shelf

More than a year ago, I bought this wooden display shelf for 25 cents at a church yard sale. I got home and found there was nothing to hang it with (and at those prices ...), so it sat idly by for a year, waiting for me to one day remember to haul it over to Walmart, purchase a 97-cent package of metal hangers, and attach one to the back. Took about three minutes to attach.

Here's what the shelf looked like empty and before it went up in my craft room.

And when I was attaching the hanger, I noticed the shelf was "Made in Italy." Kinda cool to know!

All sorts of funky little things are going into my newly-hung shelf. Like pieces of a Barbie tea set my mom gave me.

A teapot pincushion is home to a teacup button that awaits a project that needs it.

A tiny metal jar cap holds more tea-themed odds and ends, and a tiny rubber stamp reminds me that I've had some tea-themed paper project ideas jangling around in my head for a while now.

Eventually I'd like all the compartments to house something tea-related, and in time I'll bet they will. Not bad for a 25-cent investment, eh?


  1. Not bad for a 25 cent investment! And I know that in just a little while it will only hold tea related things!

  2. I LOVE this and COVET it ( I know... thou shalt not....)

  3. Such a great display shelf! You'll have fun with it, I'm sure!

  4. What a GREAT find! It looks lovely hanging in your craft room!

  5. WOW!!

    What an amazingly perfect thrifty find! I just love it - and love all your tea related baubles and gizmos.

    Happy collecting things for it, what fun!

  6. I like it. Once when I was overzealously getting rid of things I sold a letter setting drawer with little compartments similar to your shelf at a garage sale. I have always wished I kept it later as it would have been fun with miniature tea thing in for sure. Love that you saw it and bought it for just that purpose.

  7. The price is incredible but the little things that you displayed is more ingredible loved it

    Karin Sen Cankan

  8. What a bargain! Looks like you found the perfect place to hang it.

  9. this is neat..and for 25 cents...WOWZA!

  10. Love your shelf, Angela! I know it's going to look great, once you add in all your treasures.


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