Thursday, March 29, 2012

An old design on new teawares

Now here's a strange question for you: Have you memorized the patterns on your teawares? I probably would have said "no" if you'd asked me.

Oh, I knew I had lots of things with pink roses on them, like the design on this Crown Staffordshire teacup and saucer set I've had for several years now.

But then I saw a Dillard's ad in the April issue of Southern Living for some new, more casual Royal Albert dishes. And upon closer inspection ...

... I said hey, that's the same design on my vintage teacup! Curiously enough, I saw some of these new dishes at HomeGoods a couple of weeks ago, well before I saw them being advertised in print. Pretty dishes—and if I find them on sale, I wouldn't at all be opposed to mixing some new with my old!


  1. Old & New... it's a beautiful pattern - so dainty and delicate.

  2. Great patterns never die! And it is a beautiful pattern! And don't you love it when you find those nice things at Home Goods or Tuesday Morning?

    My only comment would be to make sure they are still ENGLISH made -- the English potters are having some of their things made in China! And interestingly enough the labels are paper! (so they COULD be peeled off and you wouldn't know that they were made in China!) And I must say that the China made DO NOT compare in quality to the English made!

  3. Your Crown Staffordshire teacup is very pretty. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to mixing the old & new either. :-)

  4. That's interesting, actually.

    I suppose it is kinda silly to reinvent the wheel....and it is ALWAYS encouraging for new teacup production and purchase.....but it also reminds me of blog photo stealing and calling it your own design.......nice to duplicate, but, come on, get your own spin to it instead.

    I have mixed feelings on this.

    I absolutely positively AGREE with Martha!

    But they are gorgeous - and if they are inexpensive and durable and USED, well I give them my leave to manufacture. : - )

  5. Hi Angela,
    how amazing to find something modern with the same pattern as your antique tea cup. I wouldn't mind to mix them if they new ones are good quality. Today a lot of china made things are produced in the same way like the modern European things. I like the modern design on the shown dishes. Looks fresh and clean and cute.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  6. Very interesting indeed! and both, very pretty!

  7. I can see what this pattern goes on and on.....very sweet!

  8. Love both the old and new patterns and I think they would work well together. Glad to hear about this, thank you for sharing, Joanie

  9. Mixing things up is always good. Pink roses, you just can't go wrong with them.


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