Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finds from Fayetteville

Last week my friend Deberah and I were out visiting several local nurseries when we saw a banner that said "Antiques," and like me Deberah was perfectly happy to stop by. Turns out it was a newly-opened antique store on Highway 85 in Fayetteville, Next Generation Antiques and More. They had lots of good stuff at reasonable prices, and I had a small pile of goodies when I left.

I'd been looking for an old silver teapot to use as a garden planter, and this one for $3.50 seemed perfect!

This old tin had the prettiest roses on it, and I think it will be great for holding small teaspoons.

This footed silverplate piece was my favorite find from the trip.

I liked the swan etched in the center. The bottom is stamped "Raimond Silverplate," and I plan to polish it up and use it to display my next batch of macarons.

A sucker for soaps, I loved these aromatic little 2-inch-square blocks, which were 6 for $5.

And finally, I found my niece Amelia this little graniteware cup for her growing collection of "Little House on the Prairie" dinnerware (or what she thinks was their dinnerware in the 1800s). I'm definitely trying to make sure my nieces like antiques and tea, because hopefully they'll be the ones driving me to tea rooms and antique malls one day!


  1. Great finds! Love that little tea pot!

  2. What fun finds ... and what a nice way to pass the day in the company of a friend. :)

  3. What fun to discover a new antique store with great prices. Your purchases indicate your visit was a success and that you'll be a repeat customer.

  4. I have my grandmother's granite wear. My mother said that they were her picnic dishes and I really treasure them. I used them for picnics with my kids too so that we would have memories together. I never knew my grandmother, she died when I was a baby, so I love having something that she enjoyed.

  5. Great finds, and I know you had fun in Fayetteville.

  6. What wonderful treasures you found!

  7. Too funny, Angela! I hadn't thought about them driving us to tearooms. I must train up the new baby due in September to love tea and tutu's (if it is a girl). Love your finds. I need to show what I brought home from the antique shop on Sunday, I am loving it. Love browsing antique shops. I think I have a teapot like that one. My favorite here is the tin, but the tray is pretty special too. Always, always love find bargains on nice soap too.

  8. Incredible!

    I love the silverplate and the tin can!

  9. Such great finds, Angela! You find the neatest things - thanks for posting them, Joanie


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