Monday, March 19, 2012

Teacups & African violets

Are any of you African violet lovers? I grew up around grandparents who rooted these like crazy, and for a while I had the magic touch myself. In recent years, however, I couldn't even keep a single African violet alive, much less root one. After coming across some fresh new plants at a couple of nurseries last week, I decided to give them a try again.

This one is a miniature African violet and now resides in an orphaned Limoges teacup.

The bright mauve pink is such a happy color to have around!

This green teacup planter came from JoAnn a few years back, and it's now home to a regular-sized African violet.

The pretty ruffled petals make me think of fancy ladies in chiffon gowns.

And I could really use one more teacup planter, but for the time being this plant is in a very large teacup and saucer.

The pink and white variegated leaves seem like a good fit with ...

... the flowers on the teacup. (Can you tell I'm eager for Spring to officially arrive this week?)


  1. Beautiful flowers!

    And I loved the two teacups with gold details...


  2. My mother did violets so I grew up with them as well -- I think they were the "orchids" of the 40s, 50s and 60s! LOL!!! And they are so sweet and old fashioned and look so good in those teacups!

  3. I love them! They are really beautiful!

  4. Your violets are beautiful, Angela. Good luck with them. I don't have any hints but you could google them for the skinny on their care and feeding.
    Blessings, Beth

  5. The violets are lovely and look great in their teacups! I think Spring has arrived early this year.

  6. Have loved African Violets for years, and my Mom was so good at making them bloom. She said they liked a sip of milk and after drinking a glass of milk she put a little water in the glass when she was done and promptly poured it on her violets. Don't know if this was her magic potion but it seems to have worked for her.

    Your new "babies" are beautiful and they are so lucky to have found homes in your lovely tea cups. The ruffled ones are always my favorites.

    Yeah, Spring!!

    Mary Jane

  7. I grew up with African violets too. My mom has always had a green thumb, which unfortunatly, I didn't inherit. Good luck growing yours. They're beautiful! We are anxiously awaiting the official arriving of spring in Michigan, although, we've had a very mild winter and can't complain.

  8. My mom always had Aftician Violets in the window sills at home. I have never been able to grow them.

  9. So colorful and cheerful! We're all doing the happy dance for spring!

  10. I used to grow & root them too but for some reason all of mine died. I haven't tried again in a while but you're inspiring me to look for some!

  11. I love your African Violets in teacups. I haven't grown them for a very long time either. You have inspired me give it another go aswell.
    @ Bits 'n Bobs

  12. Beautiful! My Grandma had the perfect window for african violets and always had quite a few.

  13. Oh yes, spring where are you. At least I can look at your pretty pictures and be reminded it is on it's way somewhere. Very pretty in the teacups. No green thumb here fore African violets. I will enjoy yours.

  14. My aunt grew African violets, and I
    think of her every time I see blooming violets in garden centers.
    African violets seem to jump into my shopping cart !

  15. Your flowers are beautiful. Please keep us updated on your success or failure at growing them.

  16. Fabulous photos, Angela! I wish you all the best with your violets - I love violets but don't have the best of luck with them.*

    * Years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a true 'violet expert' (this was in Miami - Richard had a beautiful collection of violets and was known for his 'Magic touch.'
    He always stressed 'Don't let any water touch the leaves, always add water to the dish.'
    Have a great week, Joanie


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