Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday tea goodies!

When tea blogger friend Linda received a Happy Birthday teacup for her March birthday, I remember being so impressed that her friend Mary had found such a great gift for her. Last week, I was even more impressed when my Aunt Jane gave me the same teacup for my own birthday!

It's by Royal Albert, and I am going to start a new tradition of using this teacup each year during my birth month of May!

Another tea-themed gift was this beautiful tea towel that was included in a great bag full of goodies from my friend (and tea party mate) Beth.

Isn't this embroidery just so lovely? I think it's one of the prettiest tea towels I've seen in quite some time!

And last but by no means least, I couldn't wait to show you these adorable teacup candlesticks made by my friend Susan! Won't these be perfect at tea?

A little tealight candle fits right inside the teacup, making these the perfect accent for my tea table. I got lots of garden-themed gifts for my birthday this year, as I had requested, but I felt very blessed that some tea gifts came my way as well!


  1. Happy Birthday! What lovely gifts.

  2. Happy Birthday Angela !!!!!

  3. A very happy birthday to you, Angela. Such lovely things;such good friends.

  4. Raising my teacup in tribute to
    a lovely tea friend! Happy
    Birthday, Angela! Your tea-themed gifts are beautiful.

  5. Happy Birthday Angela! Looks like it was a great day! Hope you can celebrate the whole month in style.

  6. Adding my birthday wishes...special tea gifts from special tea friends!

  7. Happy Birthday, Angela!
    Such lovely, thoughtful gifts - to a lovely, thoughtful person.
    Have a great celebration, Joanie

  8. Happy Birthday Angela!
    I hope it is/ was all you wanted it to be. Many happy returns.

  9. I love the Happy Birthday tea cup! I'm glad you had a happy birthday.


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