Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TeaFuse in Vinings

Several weeks ago, my husband and I were returning from a trip to Atlanta and cut through Vinings so I could visit a nearby store before we went home. I haven't been to Vinings in a couple of years and was quite interested when we passed by this new teahouse there!

While I didn't have time to have tea there when I was again in Atlanta last week, I did vow to at least stop by for a treat. I managed to get there just about 10 minutes before their 7 p.m. closing time, but the gracious young man on duty told me that yes, he indeed had time to whip up some bubble tea. I was in the mood for something fruity and told him I'd take whatever he recommended, which ended up being a strawberry-flavored green tea with a very clean, refreshing taste.

You also get to select your own bubble tea "pearls" at TeaFuse, so I chose the green tea pearls instead of the brown ones I've usually had before.

I decided to have a sweet treat as I drove home, and this cake-on-a-stick fit the bill perfectly, and deliciously! Cake pops, as they are called, are all the rage these days, and a friend gave me a book about them for Christmas so I really need to learn to make these myself. My first experience with TeaFuse was certainly a good one, and next time I'm in Atlanta I hope to return for afternoon tea. Go here if you'd like to learn more about the offerings at TeaFuse.


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