Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hostess gifts from the Royal Wedding Tea

It was so unnecessary, but so appreciated, that all my friends came bearing gifts at Friday's Royal Wedding Tea! The friend who had loaned all the crown pieces let us all choose one to keep, and I got the silver metal crown I mentioned last week. I am going to incorporate it into my garden as a memento of the day!

Another friend gave me two royal commemorative pieces, including this teaspoon ...

... which is from the coronation of Edward VIII, and ...

... this beautiful teacup from Queen Elizabeth's Coronation!

I noted with interest that the teacup included the shamrock, thistle, daffodil and rose, all of which were included in the lace on Kate's wedding gown.

And at the end of the long but lovely celebration, I was able to enjoy using another great hostess gift, this pink Lady Carlyle teacup and saucer from Royal Albert.

Don't you know that this is how Kate felt at the end of it all?


  1. Oh giving and receiving gifts is such fun, isn't it? I love the gifts that your friends brought to the Royal tea. And while we are speaking of gifts, I will tell you that I am hosting a small giveaway on my blog this week. So please come for a visit.

  2. I'm sure your friends loved sharing these with you!

  3. Lovely gifts. Those tea bags make me smile every time I see them.

  4. What lovely gifts, Angela!
    That silver crown is going to look great in your garden, what a nice reminder. The Queen Elizabeth tea cup with the shamrock, thistle, daffodiland rose - how beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  5. In my wedding album is a picture of my husband and me looking very bedraggled - we had been up since about 2 am

  6. I love the vintage teaspoon and ditto cup!

    I wonder whether the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will get a new Royal Blend mixed for them. The 'Middleton' blend, perhaps? ;)

    This Good Life (teablogger/lover)


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