Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello, Cookies!

Several weeks ago I wrote about my new tea friend Lani in Honolulu and the wonderful package of photographs and gifts she had sent me. One of the gifts was some Hello Kitty cookie cutters which make for particularly delightful cookies!

Here are the Hello Kitty cookie cutters, some stencils and some stickers she thoughtfully included for the little girls in my life. And they're not in the photo but she even included some cute Hello Kitty bookmarks for this book lover!

I especially loved the cookie cutters and decided to try baking a few cookies yesterday after church. One part of the foot is larger than the other, and I'm not quite sure whether the larger part should go in front or back. Any thoughts? (My only thought is that these sugar cookies sure are tasty with a cup of Mango Tea!)

And speaking of cookie cutters, someone at the Wai'oli Tea Room in Honolulu cuts out these adorable cinnamon ornaments, one of which Lani very carefully packaged and sent to me. Wouldn't you love to end your visit to a tea room with such a lovely treat!


  1. How Delightful !!!
    Everyone loves Hello Kitty .
    What a great Tea favor the cinnamon teapot would be !!!!!

  2. What fun! My daughter is a young adult and still loves "Hello Kitty" and also loves to bake. This would be a great gift for her.

  3. Those are really cute. Wish I could find cutters for stand up cookies.

  4. Love the Hello Kitty cookie cutter and the other gift from a tearoom is special too.

  5. I've never seen 3D cookie cutters before. That's very neat.

  6. How adorable! Hello Kitty has always been one of my favorites.

  7. I love Hello Kitty too!
    Those are so cute, Angela - and the cinnamon teapot is really neat.
    Thanks for sharing, Joanie


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