Monday, March 28, 2011

Teatime & gardening time

Now I expected a few of you might be interested in a little "tea gardening" information, but I was delighted to learn that so very many of you are as interested in gardening as I am! As you can see here, I've already got some of my peat pellets planted with seeds, including some tomatoes and some Rose Bon Bon Double Cosmos. My theory is that anything that sounds like it could be served at "teatime," such as bon bons, can go into the tea garden!

I was at Lowe's looking at seeds last week when I learned that they, too, had some varieties that are particularly well-suited to the tea garden, and I got two of each, one for you and one for me.

These varieties, from Burpee, include Canterbury Bells, the Cup and Saucer mix.

And they also had a variety of Tea Time Four O'Clocks. Want these two packets? Just to try something a little different, the FIRST person to tell me they want them today gets them! I imagine lots of us live near a Lowe's, and if you go I should warn you they also have a cute little plastic watering can in the shape of a teapot, but it's basically $6.97 for a cheap piece of plastic designed to lure in unsuspecting tea loving gardeners. Really, what sort of sucker would fall for that?

Besides me, I mean?

(UPDATE: Congrats to Belinda, who was first to claim the seeds today! They're headed your way!)


  1. I think I'm first! I bought 2 of the watering pots for Bunco prizes.

  2. Hi Angela,

    I would love to have the seeds. Thank you for offering!

    Mary Jane

  3. Good morning Angela.
    I would love the flowers seeds. The names of them are such fun, the seeds would grow to beautiful flowers and I could use the empty packets in collage work.

    Have a tea-singly good day.

  4. It looks like your tea garden will be great with the addition of all these "teatime" seeds.

    Yes, I'd be one of the suckers to buy the cheap teapot watering can too. :-)

  5. Cute watering pot! And I am going to head to Lowe's myself for some 4 o'clock seeds. I love those things. Maybe if I start them from seed and then plant the seedings, I'll get them to grow here. Direct sowing the seeds brought from where I used to live did not work.

  6. Cute watering can! I guess I'm a sucker too! ;-)

  7. I am wanting to see my garden turn green. It was snowing this morning but now was warmed up to60 degrees. Things are very brown but I do see some bulbs coming up.

  8. Now I must run to garden store and see what seeds I can find with tea themes for the garden.

  9. Hello Angela, great post!
    I love those seed packets and the tea pot watering can is too cute.
    Thanks for sharing - have a great day, Joanie

  10. I'm late tonight because it's been a busy day, but thanks for the tea time flower seed and watering can information. I will check around and see what I can find.

  11. Good luck with your garden. I do plant a garden, but I just don't have good luck starting things from seed. They come up and look great, then die after they get a few sets of leaves. I probably water them too much or not enough.

  12. I am cursed / blessed to live
    near Lowes ! lots of temptation
    there !


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