Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tea Sandwich Saturday #12 - Chicken Pâté

This week's tea sandwich is a new favorite -- I say that all the time now, don't I? -- and I couldn't wait to share it with you! It's a Chicken Pâté tea sandwich on some particularly yummy new bread I came across at Publix.

One reason we have a pâté recipe this week is that I just got a new food processor since the old one died, and I was ready to check it out. This recipe is very easy and calls for just a few ingredients: chicken breasts, rosemary, cream, salt and pepper, lettuce. That's it!

Now while I had heard of chicken liver pâté, I was not familiar with chicken pâté. What is pâté? Epicurious has a good definition, and another simple one I saw simply refers to it as a mixture of meat and fat made into a paste.

I had planned to make this recipe using plain old wheat bread, but then I saw this variety at the grocery store and quickly changed my mind! The recipe, by the way, pretty much comes from a Laura Childs novel, "Eggs in Purgatory," part of her Cackleberry Club series. The recipes in this book sounded particularly great, and so here is the Chicken Pâté recipe as I made it.

Chicken Pâté Tea Sandwiches

2 chicken breasts, fully cooked in microwave and cut into thin strips
1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
1 small (5-inch) sprig of rosemary, with leaves stripped and chopped
Dash of salt
Dash of red and black pepper mix
8 rectangular slices of nut or seed bread
Few pieces of lettuce blend

Place strips of chicken breast, whipping cream and rosemary leaves in food processor and pulse until smooth, light and creamy. Add salt and pepper to taste and pulse again. Spread on slice of nut bread, topping with a few lettuce leaves and another piece of bread. Trim crusts and cut into rectangles. Yields about 12 (very tasty) tea sandwiches.


  1. Your chicken pate sandwiches look delicious and so does that seed bread.

    I have Laura Child's "Bedeviled Eggs" waiting in my to read pile. I did read "Eggs in Purgatory" but somehow missed that lovely recipe.

  2. The sandwich sounds delicious. I can see from your photo, the bread really adds to the sandwich. BTW, your rosemary garnish, really adds to the presentation! Just lovely!!

  3. YUM !!!!
    I really need to start reading Laura Child's..... Time to head to the Bookstore.

  4. That bread sounds amazing and perfect for this sandwich. Love the idea of making a pate with chicken. Yummmy!

  5. You blog is wonderful. I just ran across this blog and recipe from Bernideen's Tea Time Blog. I will be back to visit and for more good sounding recipes.

  6. Oh, that sounds wonderful! (MUCH better than liver pate' too!) Will have to look for that bread the next time I get to Publix (none nearby).

  7. They look and sound lovely. I've not seen that type of bread in our stores and have no Publix nearby. It looks delicious.

    I'm really enjoying Laura Childs tea shop mysteries. I just finished The Jasmine Moon Murder. It was a fun read. I especially enjoy all the tea info.

    Thanks for featuring your Saturday Sandwiches. It's so fun to look forward to them each week. Your a jewel!
    Love, Carol B.

  8. This sandwich looks delicious and so does that bread! Must try this recipe, thanks for sharing, Joanie

  9. hellooo i´m from span, i like your blog very mucho, i´ll stay here to visit you!!! :)

  10. Enjoy your new food processor. This recipe sounds like something my DH would like. I'll give it a try soon.


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