Monday, September 27, 2010

Teapot ornament alert

Since I like to buy Hallmark Christmas ornaments for all the kids in my family to open around Thanksgiving each year, I've learned to shop early. You can't assume all the designs will still be there by the third week in November, so to get your preferred ornaments you have to plan ahead. At a mall in Anniston, Ala. over the weekend, I noticed the Hallmark display was up and immediately headed inside, where I was delighted to see this new "Alice in Wonderland" teapot ornament! This will be the perfect ornament for my niece Cari, who absolutely loves the new "Alice" movie.

Cari, her sister Madison and I saw the movie together earlier this year. My favorite scene was when Alice was inside the teapot, so I am tickled that this scene is commemorated with the new Hallmark ornament.

And here's the back of the ornament. (Confession: I bought one for myself as well!) Speaking of ornaments, I've been prowling Hobby Lobby, Michaels and my other usual haunts, but so far I've not come across any teapot or teacup ornaments at all. Have you? Will you please send an alert if you do? Thanks in advance!


  1. What a neat ornament! I will definitely get one of these, they will probably sell quickly. Thanks for the tip, Joanie

  2. Well, bummer! I passed on going to the Hallmark store yesterday when we were in Lexington. Sounds like a good excuse to drive to Lexington in the next few days.
    I have been looking for teapot ornaments in the same places as you, and at Cracker Barrel. Thus far, I haven't found anything.

  3. And, I should have added, thanks for the alert!

  4. Oh, Just noticed your new header & back ground. Love it!!!!

  5. Love it!!! I don't shop much so have the feeling I will be learning more from you on finding tea ornaments.

  6. Great ornament. Now I'll have my eyes peeled for it. Thanks for the alert.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. wondering if you'd be interested in tea at FHC this morning?
    you're invited & WELCOME! hope you can join us ...


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