Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sampling some new RTD teas

It's been a while since I've sampled any new ready-to-drink teas, but I've tried two in the past week and thought they were both worth a mention. First, I was at Whole Foods when I found this Mango Oolong tea from Ito En. The company describes it as "the full taste of oolong tea paired with the bright taste of mango." I describe it this way: "Yum!" I've had Ito En tea before (found some super cheap at Big Lots, of all places), but the mango was a new flavor and I very much enjoyed it. This drink is "lightly sweetened" with cane sugar. Whole Foods is always a fun place to shop, and I highly recommend their Pecan Pie Cookies if you happen to come across them!

Sipping the Mango Oolong reminded me of the earlier Ito En I tried, and of the fact I hadn't stopped by Big Lots in a while. The local store is being renovated and I had trouble finding the aisle where teas are normally for sale. I headed for the soft drinks and snacks and came across this 1.5 liter bottle of a tea and juice drink, Arteasia's black tea and peach flavor, which contains peach and pear juice as well as brewed tea. The taste was delicious, but because it contains high fructose corn syrup this is not the sort of thing I'll buy on a regular basis. It was certainly more than worth the $1 I paid for it, though!


  1. I usually sample RTD teas when we are traveling. I'll have to look for that Mango Oolong tea - it sounds yummy. That was a bargain for the black tea with peach.

  2. Now that Mango tea drink does sound delicious. I will check that out the next time I am Whole Foods. I have recently been stocking up on the Jasmine Sparkling Tea, which I love.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, I will be looking for these drinks. I would never have thought to find them at Big Lots, you-go, Angela - you are the 'Ultimate Super Shopper!'
    Have a great day, Joanie

  4. I normally don't drink bottled or "RTD" teas, but I do think some of them are better than others.

    Currently we list several recommendations, including Ito En's Teas''s page on bottled teas. Let me know if you have any suggestions of other brands you think we should recommend there. We don't list any bottled teas for review, but we do want to point people towards a few good options if they do choose to drink bottled teas!

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