Monday, September 6, 2010

Celebrate National Sewing Month

At least once a year I like to take a week off work and stay close to home, using my days to read, write, piddle or just do whatever I like. Last week, one of those days included a trip to Little Quilts quilt shop in Marietta. It is a wonderful quilt shop, just packed to the brim with fabrics, books and notions, and I got these two prints from the Garden Tea Party line of fabrics by Audrey Jeanne Roberts.

I just knew there had to be other prints in this line, and an online search confirmed this, but these two made me happy, especially this design printed with names of teas. Did you know September is National Sewing Month? Well, it is, and I made a deal with myself: I would not buy this fabric unless I purposed to actually sew something with it in the month of September. So be watching. If I don't stitch it up by October, one of you gets the fabric. That's the deal!

Another reason I wanted to go to Little Quilts is because at the register, they have the most wonderful emery boards printed with lovely designs of quilts and other graphic images. I have several of them throughout my house and car, needed another and came across this design. Yes, I know it's got coffee beans on it, but I'm thinking that cup in the middle is dark puerh tea.

As I was checking out, I saw a display of jewelry and this handmade card. The pin is made in Thailand, the card is made of great specialty papers, and I just knew it would probably be out of my price range. Would you believe the whole kit and kaboodle was just $9.95? What a pleasant surprise! "Do I see a theme going here?" the saleslady asked as she rang up my purchases, and of course I nodded yes. If she only knew!


  1. It is nice to have time to oneself, isn't it? I love the Garden Tea Party fabric - can't wait to see what you sew with it.
    The teapot pin is cute too.

  2. Oh yes, if she only knew. Love each one of your purchases. How fun! I think others are getting into the sewing mode for fall, as I have had a lot of orders for cozy patterns this past week. It could be the holidays are coming.

  3. Such beautiful fabric - can't wait to see what projects you come up with! I love that teapot pin, very pretty. Joanie

  4. I sincerely hope you finish your project. But if you don't feel free to send the fabric with words my way. LOL I've never seen that before but I do think some of it needs to come into my fabric stash.

  5. I love the idea of having a week to "piddle"... do northerners "piddle"? Ah, questions to be explored for sure.


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