Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tea and Books Saturday #39 - "Princess Tea Parties"

Princess Tea Parties
By Michal Sparks
Harvest House Publishers, 2008

Every tea library needs to have a few books for young tea lovers, and one I like is "Princess Tea Parties: Royal Gatherings for Little Ladies," written and illustrated by Michal Sparks. In addition to the charming watercolors, Sparks gives a nice beginner's lesson on the basics of teatime, including a bit about the history of tea, how it is made, and what equipment is needed to prepare a pot of tea.

The book covers princess tea parties for all kinds of princesses, which greatly appeals to me. When I was a little girl, I heard that you were supposed to make a wish whenever you crossed a bridge. So, at each bridge crossing, I would dream that I would become a fairy princess, and alas I'm still waiting! But it's fun to dream, and little girls using this book can aspire to be royal princesses, fairy tale princesses, flower princesses and more. For each princess tea party suggested, there are easy recipes (the book tells girls when to seek an adult's help) and ideas for games, crafts and decorations as well.

One reason I think it's nice to consult a "children's" book sometimes is that it reminds us how easy a little creativity can be. For instance, in the chapter on hosting a Princess Plum Blossom Tea, which is inspired by Japanese tea ceremonies, there is a pattern for making kimono-shaped invitations. It's super easy, so why can't big girls use that idea as well? (My "big girl" friends, however, would probably *not* like the suggestion of having guests sit on cushions on the floor!) And another reason I like to have these books available is because occasionally I'm asked for children's tea party ideas and I can loan these to friends, which I am of course quite happy to do!


  1. oooh Angela, That sounds like a gret book, full of useful ideas. I, too, like to use children's craft ideas and adapt them for grown-ups use.

  2. That sounds like a great childrens tea party book. Thanks for the review.

    I just ordered one called "The Tea Party Book" by Lucille Richt Penner for ages 4-8. It's never too soon to get ready for tea parties with Madison. :-)

  3. Have not seen this one, but I do love children's tea books and have a few in my collection. Yes, there are some good ideas that can be gleaned from them.

  4. This is a fun book I have in my tea book collection.

  5. You're the only other person I've heard from who also grew up with the belief of wishing at bridges -- I was told you could wish the first time you crossed a particular bridge. I always wanted to be a princess probably because of Burnett's book The Little Princess so it's always fun to see princess tea party books. There's a newish one out that I haven't picked up yet. I tried to get the library system to buy a copy though, because I'm sure I'm not the only one interested.


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