Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Ahh, fall finally arrives today! The U.S. Naval Observatory says it arrives at 7:05 p.m. EST tonight, if you want to get technical about it, but at any rate I'm all for claiming fall at the earliest possible opportunity! It doesn't much feel like fall here in Georgia, where the highs are still in the less-than-autumnal 90s this week, but I have faith that cooler days are in store. To put us in a fall-ish mood, I gathered some old faithful tea collectibles in fall colors and designs, like this tablecloth with a teapot ...

... and teacup design.

Here's an acorn-bedecked detail from a serving platter I love.

And here's a clay teapot planter in a perfect fall hue.

Even my tea jewelry is turning fall-toned!

And this basket type teapot may be getting a pot of mums soon. Hmmm.

This little "Tea Bags" teapot with a teacup lid is not in my beloved pink shades, but I like it just the same.

Finally, we have to have appropriate cups and saucers for the different seasons of the year, so I like to pull out my Johnson Brothers Harvest Time pattern and greet fall with a cup of tea. Happy Fall, Y'all!


  1. Wonderful tea-themed ode to fall! Even here in A'ville it is still a big warm, but like you i look forward to the cooler days ahead.

  2. Happy Fall to you too! I'm doing my first tea on my new job as Tea Director at Ardmore Park Place this coming Saturday. The theme is "Celebrating Autumn." I had great fun putting the fall tablescapes together.

  3. Thanks for showing all the great fall tea theme items. It's fun to start pulling out special fall recipes too.

  4. Wonderful!!! I sure hope Fall is coming. I'm really tired of all the HOT weather! Love your linens. I'm a big fan of Johnson Bros everything! Lovely Autumn Tea post.

  5. Oh, Angela, this is truly an exciting post! I do love Autumn and am looking forward to pulling out all my seasonal things as well. I LOVE the small teapot for your teabags.

  6. What a nice banner and Happy Fall to you too, Angela! You have such an artistic eye, I love how you put the fall pieces together.
    Have a great day, Joanie

  7. ps to Angela: I love reading your posts and all the interesting comments - by the way, 'where' is Ardmore Park Place? Sounds like a nice place for tea!

  8. Love the new fall colors of the blog. We are looking forward to cooler temps too, it was in the 90's today.

  9. I am so ready for fall! And, tired of temps in the mid 90s here in KY.


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