Thursday, March 4, 2010

Teapot Chipboard Books

One of these days, I am going to march myself into Michaels and leave with only the one item I originally headed in there for. Alas, that didn't happen last week either, when I intended to get simply a single skein of yarn for a two-years-in-the-making, tea-themed project I am *this* close to finishing! (Can't wait to show you, friends! Maybe next week? Or the next?)

At any rate, the siren song of the dollar bins lured me aside, and I was standing there looking at cute chipboard books in the shapes of flowers, purses and what have you when, in the bottom bin, I spotted teapot-shaped chipboard books! I have been wanting someone to create those (I don't think I could make one myself for $1), and leave it to the folks at Mary Engelbreit to fulfill this need! The books measure 6 x 4.59 inches each and have five pages.

Back when I was merely wishing for these, I remember having an idea in mind. Now that these chipboard books are a reality, however, I can't quite remember what I had envisioned! I suppose I could scrapbook it. I could use it for writing down favorite tea recipes and embellish the pages. I could decoupage it. What would you do with these?

Also today, we'll be giving away the third of four autographed copies of Laura Childs' "The Teaberry Strangler." To be entered, just leave an "Enter me" type comment to this post between now and 7 a.m. EST tomorrow. Good luck!


  1. Can't wait to see if my local Michaels has those cute chipboard books. Once I made little keepsake books for a Christmas tea. They contained verses, recipes and a picture of the tea table. Those blank teapot books would have been perfect.

    Of course I'm still hoping to win one of the Teaberry Strangler books. Thanks for your giveaway.

  2. How about . . .
    Choose 5 Bible verses that you'd like to memorize, write one on each pot, and hang the "book" in a spot you'll see on a regular basis -- such as by your kitchen sink --
    Embellish them with pretties, add the names of guests, and use them as place cards at a special tea (maybe a teashop mystery tea!). B-)

  3. I love ParTea Lady's idea for a Christmas tea favor using the chipboard books! Guess I will be making a visit to Michaels

    Enter me (again!) to win one of the Teaberry Strangler books! Who won the second one?
    Susan T. from Ohio

  4. luggage tags? paint them to look like
    real china patterns ! or glue
    chintz fabric on !

  5. Wow! Those are good ideas from the previous comments. I think I might take the book apart and use each die cut separately.
    Also, please enter me again to win the book. Thank you!

  6. Your blog is becoming an expensive habit for me. I will be making a trip to Michaels tomorrow. I'm currently wearing my new tea-shirt from Cracker Barrel for our family outing this afternoon. This morning I'm enjoying a lovely cup of Amaretto Nights from the Basically British tearoom in Dayton Ohio. If I just had a good book to read . . . Soothng sips and Sunny Smiles
    Tea Time Teresa

  7. What a creative group of tea ladies with the ideas above! I believe I see a trip to Michael's in my near future.

  8. Write a little story for children about a tea party in the little book.

    Would love to win Teaberry Strangler.


  9. Thanks for all the great ideas along with one more thing I must now have!
    I'd love another opportunity to win Teaberry Strangler.

  10. I'm off to Michael's to see if ours has the teapot chipboard books. I wonder if they would be large enough for a few photo's of a recent tea I attended. I could give it as a keepsake to my sister who also attended.

    Please enter me for a chance to win one Laura Child's book. Thank You.

  11. I just love some of the ideas the ladies are sharing this morning. Can't wait to see if my Michaels has these available.

    Please enter me in your Teaberry Strangler giveaway, Angela.

  12. Those are darling! Will have to make a trip to Michaels!

  13. Cute books. I don't know what I would use them for either but I really like Susan's idea above of using them individually and covering with fabric. Too bad they didn't have cups too.

    Enter me in the contest please.

  14. Dear Angela, There sure are a lot of creative ideas for the tea pot chipboards!

    I have an idea: with either fabric or paint, personalize the chipboards, then follow up with a type of shellac / sealant...presto!
    You could have personalized 'Tea Pot Trivets!' What do you think?

    You know I just love your site - so fun and interesting...please enter me in your 'murder' mystery book giveaway.

    Have a great night and thanks,

  15. Hmmm....they would make nice tea placecards or to list the names and properties of various teas at a tasting.

  16. I found these to be a lovely way to present the tea selection at my tea room, Angela. Hopefully I will finish them by next week and begin using them this Spring.

    Can't pass by that $1 bin!!

  17. You do find the most fun tea things. I love these teapot chipboard books. What fun! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Enter me in the drawing please!

  18. Love these little books - hope I can find some and hope I win the next Teaberry Strangler book too!

  19. It's me again! I found 15 of these in the $1 bin, thanks to you! I'm not sure why, but they were 70 cents each at the register. I'm sure if I could find a whole bunch more, I could do something with them at our annual fall fundraiser tea. Thanks for the tip!

  20. Hey, I saw them and passed them up because I just couldn't think of anything to do with them. Now, why didn't I just pick a few up anyway? Maybe I'll luck out on the drawing????

  21. I am brand new to your site today and so excited to find you. I just love everything you have shared with us. I found these little teapot chipboard scrapbooks last week and was also trying to think of ways to use them. Since I am a bookbinder I am going to remove the rings make a book out of them. Several things have come to mind while reading through your site. The lovely porcelain piece that has the holes in the bottom and the lovely pink roses brings back memories. I found one in an antique store many years ago. I was told it was for fruit. Strawberries, grapes etc. To be used with a plate under it. Sadly my dear husband broke it and felt terrible. Not to worry someday another one will come my way if I wait long enough.The green tea mints I have just like yours came from teavana. In the beginning they marketed them in small glass teapots. you would simply tip the spout and retrieve the desired number of mints. They don't carry them anymore but from time to time I have found the smaller teapots at T J Maxx. Simply remove the tea infuser.

  22. I'm so far behind catching up on your blog! Late post, BUT how about painting them with chalkboard paint and embellish the edges, use them as decor on the table, walls, etc.

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