Monday, March 29, 2010

Pretty in pink: My new tea station!

Several years ago I acquired a small, dilapidated old desk I'd discovered languishing away in a darkroom at the office. It was covered in chipped and peeling gray paint, but I loved the small size and the odd, not-very-deep little drawer and slide-out tray. Turns out, this piece was an old typing desk discarded by one of the high schools many years before. (If you remove the two trays, you can see two holes where a typewriter was once bolted down.) Over the weekend, my sweet husband painted it the precise shade of "Rose Buff" pink I had been envisioning, and now this once-sad piece is serving as a tea station in my crafts room.

Alex, like me, liked the fact you can still look inside the drawer and tell this piece once served in a schoolhouse, so we've happily preserved the fact that "Billy Flournoy loves Marilyn Cox."

I'm sure I'll switch things up a bit before I get it "just right," but here's what I pulled together as soon as the desk was dry. Happily, I have lots of pink things and teawares from which to choose!

I've needed a spot for the paints, glues and decoupage mediums I've had strewn all over, so a pink wicker tray holds them nicely. At front is the teacup-shaped pouch that holds my iPod.

A small teapot, some tins of tea and teabags, and the vase/container I found last weekend all seem happy here.

I was delighted to find a nice spot for the treasured cross-stitch picture made for me by ParTea Lady's husband!

Behind it, a pink feathered hat disguises the fact I have a Thermos full of hot water for making tea when I'm working upstairs.

When we bought the house, this room had been a little girl's bedroom and was decorated in pink and lavender in a Dora the Explorer theme. Fortunately, my many pink craft goodies seem to blend in just fine. This is also a happy spot for a Sandy Lynam Clough teacup print I've had tucked away. Beneath are two vintage rose plates that had been hanging in my bathroom.

This is what is on the back of the plate on the left. I found this at Lakewood Flea Market years ago and was intrigued that it says Jefferson Tea Co. since I happen to work on Jefferson Street!

The hardest part of this whole little project was deciding on the perfect shade of pink paint. I suppose we're all picky when it comes to our favorite color, and I'm pretty particular about my pinks. I didn't want mauvey pink or peachy pink or bubblegum pink. It needed to look "vintage pink" but it couldn't be too dark or too light. I was at Lowe's looking for paint when I learned the Laura Ashley shade I preferred couldn't be blended with the high gloss paint.

Could I find a Valspar shade that was similar? I told the salesclerk I would try. When I found this little folder of paint colors with a teapot on the cover, I decided it was a sign. The "Rose Buff" paint I ended up choosing was the same shade of pink as my "Little Pink Book" (address book), which makes me think this was the color I was supposed to have all along.

And finally, I discovered that a typing desk pull-out tray (with pencil slot) makes an excellent teacup holder!


  1. Your new tea station is pinkalicious!!! I have one in my bedroom for that first cup of the day. With my electric kettle waiting, my morning cuppa is ready in just a few minutes. I am sure you will enjoy using it in your craft room. Love the tea shaped pouch and the beautiful cross stich sampler.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if Billy or Marilyn saw this and wrote to tell you they were still a couple??

  2. Oh that is Wonderful!!! And, as Mary Jane commented, "pinkalicious" is the perfect way to describe it!

  3. Hi I love the teacup pouch did you make it or did you buy it. I have a small table I am just about to paint so seeing yours bought it to mind so I better get on with it. Have a great day. Englishteacup(lynne)

  4. That shade of pink paint is divine!

  5. Lynne, I actually bought my teacup pouch from a seamstress far more advanced than I, but ... if you're interested, I found some vintage potholders that have almost the same design, and you can see them here:

  6. Perfect! I just LOVE it. What a great job and I am so glad that you kept the message inside the drawer for posterity. I, too think it is the perfect shade. The teapot on the paint brochure was most definitely a sign.

  7. What a great idea! If I didn't have my doll house, I could do something similar in that area! But I'm not ready to give my dollhouse to my neice yet.

  8. What a very perfect pink tea station. I love that you and your husband wanted to leave the message inside the drawer. Pink is a color that is definitely growing on me.

  9. You lucky gal, look at your darling table and your right - the perfect shade of pink! We've got to find you a new place for your glue tubes though... doesn't quite fit in with your tea table. Perhaps we can get you some darling fabric lined baskets to place right underneath... that would be cute and functional!

  10. Lovely!!! The desk is a precious find too. And pink, glory i do love me some pink!!! Good job Alex. tammyp




  12. What a perfect little tea station. I really like the pink paint that you chose and all the lovely accessories. What a great idea for your craft room. It is nice to not have to run downstairs for a tea break. I'll have to consider this idea for my upstairs craft room too.

  13. Hi Angela,
    How creative you are!
    Editor, photographer, crafter, decorator...we will just keep adding on categories and titles!

    Perhaps we can use the phrase, 'Renaissance Woman?' That seems to fit.

    What a great use of that desk and, like your other readers mentioned, it's nice that you kept the 'Sweetheart names.'

    I so enjoy your blog site - always something interesting to read and I always enjoy visiting it.

    Great job & thanks for sharing,

  14. What a lovely tea station! I'm sure it will make crafting very productive. Have you started your tea quilt yet?

  15. What a fabulous idea! And the pink in positively perfect! Whow the ides I hve flowing around in my head now- you have so inspired me!!!

  16. Wow! I am impressed with your pink tea station.

  17. Hi, Angela- Steph sent me your post, and I feel so honored that the wristlet made it to you beautiful pink tea station!

  18. I'm going with Pinkalicious too!! Love the variations of pink and the hidden thermos! What a great idea!