Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tea in Texas Magazine - March/April 2010

It's my brother-in-law Brad's birthday today, and thanks to Brad I've learned a lot about his home state of Texas (the meaning of "Hook 'em horns," for instance). This week I've learned even more about Texas, the state's fondness for tea and its tea rooms by reading the issue of Tea in Texas magazine I recently ordered.

This lovely magazine, which I first saw in 2007, is blessed with lots of advertising (which keeps a magazine in business, believe me!), and I learned of quite a few tea businesses in Texas, including many that sell online. I enjoyed reading about an exhibition of tea infusers and strainers at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, and I liked the Q&A style interview with the owner of the Mustard Seed Tea Room in Baytown. While I do have a difference of opinion with the young lady who insists Texas Bluebonnets are superior to roses (as if!), I admired her enthusiasm for her state's wildflowers and found her article just delightful. I also liked the recipes and a small chart on different ways to slice tea sandwiches.

The 40-page magazine was printed quarterly when I first discovered it but is now published six times a year, which is certainly a happy fact for tea lovers in Texas. A subscription is just $18, and even though I don't live in Texas I'm thinking of subscribing. The calendar of tea events made me quite jealous that they have so many fun tea things going on in Texas, and I wish Georgia had as many tea rooms so we could support a tea magazine here! Lucky Texas! If you'd like to check out the magazine for yourself, visit teaintexas.com.


  1. Oh thank you for this info. I did not know of the existence of that magazine. I lived in TX for about 10 years and have a great fondness for the state. I am going to visit the website for that mag. Thanks Angela.

  2. Roses are way more popular on china patterns than bluebonnets, I guess
    it is all in what state you reside in. Lady Bird Johnson was fond of Texas wildflowers.

  3. Oh, it's my birthday, too. Happy Birthday, Brad!

  4. Well then, Happy Birthday to you, Anonymous, wherever you are!

  5. Hook 'em Horns! Austin is one of the prettiest places I've ever been and I'm always hoping to get back there soon. I didn't know there were great tea rooms... added incentive!

  6. With so many meanings, I'd be afraid to use the Hook 'em Horns sign, unless I was in Texas of course. ;-)

    Thanks for the link to Tea In Texas magazine. I enjoyed looking through the holiday issue online. I too wish we had a lot more tea events in GA.


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