Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Alice in Wonderland" for tea lovers

Yesterday, I borrowed my favorite 14-year-old and 10-year-old, nieces Madison and Cari (that's Cari above), to go see Tim Burton's new "Alice in Wonderland" movie, and I'm happy to report we all loved it!

Down one of the hallways at my local theatre is this large "Alice" tea table display, and the girls humored me by posing with all the pretty tea things. My favorite scene, in fact, involved Alice and a teapot, and those of you who've seen the movie will know just what I'm talking about! (She also got a new dress in this scene.)

Cari is a big Johnny Depp fan and wanted her photo made with him. I thought he was terrific and not at all scary as the Mad Hatter. I'd recently read the book and didn't realize until just before we saw the movie that this version is actually a sequel that has Alice as a young woman visiting "Underland," not Wonderland, but there is enough likeness to the original tale that Alice fans won't be disappointed.

And Alice fans will be thrilled with the new issue of Somerset Studio, which is simply jam-packed with "Alice in Wonderland" art, including quite a few pieces with teawares in them.

I particularly enjoyed the feature on a "A Tea Party for Alice & Company" by Amber Demien with artwork by Shirley Zirkle. While I've seen "altered teapots" embellished with everything from moss to costume jewelry, it had not occurred to me to alter teapots and teacups with decorative papers and paints. These whimsical designs (there are six more on the next two pages) are bound to get your creative juices flowing just as they did mine, and this wonderful feature alone is worth purchasing the magazine!

Need more Alice inspiration? Fellow blogger and tea lover Janeen recently hosted a wonderfully creative Queen of Hearts Tea Party that will surely make you smile as much as it did me. And when I got home from the movie yesterday, I had an e-mail from Fancy Flours promoting their "Alice" baking goodies.

Finally, niece Cari had picked for me some red roses I promptly brought home and floated in this Fenton rose bowl. (I like to imagine she walked up to the roses and said "Off with your heads!" Sweetly, of course.) Have you seen the new "Alice" movie? I'd love to hear what you think of it!


  1. I am wanting to see this movie. We can wait until we get it from the library though. Glad you and your nieces enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing all the goodies!

  2. How fun, but I still have childhood fears from Alice in Wonderland. I'll wait to take Samantha until she gets older. If I get the courage to go myself! LOL!!

  3. Looks like we were thinking along the same line today! *smile*

  4. The roses your sweet niece picked for you look lovely in that beautiful bowl. So glad to hear that you liked the movie...I'd been wondering if it was something I'd want to see. As a child I loved reading Alice in Wonderland, (over and over) so am glad the film makers stayed somewhat close to the theme. Thanks, once again, for the heads-up, Angela!

  5. Ah, such a lovely memory you made with the girls! And I LURVE your Fenton bowl, just beautiful!

  6. I can't wait to see it. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Thanks for reviewing the movie. It's always nice to hear what someone you know thinks about a movie. I want to see it, but with a little one I'll probably wait until it's out on DVD.

  8. Yes, I saw it the day it came out. Loved, loved the visuals. The story line was a bit weak. Love Johnny Depp. Alice almost seemed like Joan of Arc and not Alice.

    The problem with seeing it on your TV is you would miss the 3D effects. That is so much a part of the experience. I would still recommend seeing, but in the theater.

  9. I agree with the "Joan of Arc" comparison. My nieces and I thought it got a little "Narnia-like" near the end, but hey, it was fun to watch!

  10. I saw the movie and I loved the dress the mad hatter made for her as he lifted her out the teapot also. I think all of Alice's dresses were divine. Don't you agree??
    Anyway I posted some memorable lines from the movie on my blog. My favorite: "You are not yourself,'ve lost some of your Muchness".
    Thank you for sharing. See you around the blogs.

  11. I was thinking of going to see the movie this weekend. I like to wait for the crowds to die down a little. But I love Johnny Depp too!

  12. Hi Angela,
    Just getting caught up on reading the blogs: this is a very interesting one on "Alice in Wonderland."

    I haven't seen it yet, but plan to. Gotta love Johnny Depp! Once again, your photos are beautiful (you captured the 'lushness' of it all) and your nieces are adorable. What a great Aunt they have in you!

    Thanks for the review and photos, you make it all come alive.
    Have a great weekend and thanks,

  13. What a lucky little girl to have gone and seen that amazing movie. I have plans with my grand daughter for next week.
    She have already seen it and wants to take me. She said that the beautiful dresses reminded her of me being, I love dressing in Victorian clothes for giving teas. I am looking forward to seeing this movie. We plan to go to tea after.


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