Friday, November 30, 2007

Tea & Writers

As some of you who are writers are probably aware, November is National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo for short). The idea is to churn out a 50,000-word novel in just 30 days. That means about 1,700 words a day. The first two-thirds of the month I was zipping along each day, writing a tale set in the world of a fictional women's magazine in New York, but then came the office Thanksgiving luncheon, holiday baking, general procrastination, and that was it. So I didn't finish it. I hadn't "officially" registered with the NaNoWriMo people anyway, so I think I'll try to do that next year. (I'll bribe my writer friend Kathy into joining me.)

But what to sip during NaNoWriMo? Well, for starters there is the Tea of the Authors pictured above, a black tea flavored with vanilla and rose petals, that was a gift from my colleagues. And the inspired drinking vessel for writers? A Wedgwood mug with handwriting on it. I LOVE things with handwriting on them -- mugs, scrapbooking papers, picture frames, pencils. In fact, one of my "dream" cup and saucer sets is this exact pattern, but on the cup and saucer, not the mug. I've looked for it for years (it was pictured in Victoria magazine once, so I know it exists), but only ever found this mug. If you see the C&S, please let me know! (I'll send you an autographed copy of my first book. How 'bout that?)

One day, I visited the creative blog of Frivolitea (who has posted kind words on this blog), and I observed this talented tea lover had made some great pendants, some featuring teapots, some a handwriting design. Would she possibly consider combining the two elements? I'd read she was preparing for a craft fair, but did she sell via mail or an etsy shop? Well, I am thrilled to report she was more than gracious in agreeing to make a pendant for me. When it came it was even nicer than I'd expected, with a very substantial cord and high-quality clasp in addition to the themed pendant I'd wanted. If you're interested, watch her blog for she says she'll be posting about how to purchase her designs in the near future. And, her photos of the jewelry are much nicer than mine, but then I never claimed to be a photographer. Just an aspiring novelist!


  1. Angela,

    Go here
    and click the "click here to register and we will email you" button. Or call Replacements Ltd and they will add you to the "I really really want to buy this piece" list. :-)

    Good luck and I hope you find this tea cup and saucer.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Dear Anglea, Thank you so much for your kind words! I like the way that the pendant you requested combines your love of tea and the written word. I only just now realized how fitting it is for you!

  3. Ginger,
    It never dawned on me to try for this! They don't have it in stock at the moment, but they at least have a photo of the cup and saucer, so I know THEY know it exists! I am now registered, so thanks for the suggestion!

    And Frivolitea,
    Thanks again for making the lovely pendant! It's so wonderful to have something handmade with such care!

  4. Hi, Angela! I also ordered a pendant from Frivolitea and LOVE it! :-)

    You asked about the mini Asia Tea Set. It came to me from a former colleague who rescued it when his boss was cleaning her office. The boss had picked the set up many years ago in Singapore. Pretty neat!

    Thank you for your lovely blog!


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