Friday, June 26, 2015

Refreshing new green teas from Teavivre

I've been drinking lots of flavored teas lately, so it was a refreshing switch to get to sample some new green teas I recently received from Teavivre. I've gotten in the habit of trying at least two at a time, a method I like, as it seems to make the characteristics of each tea more pronounced when I compare one with another. First was this Bi Luo Chun Green Tea.

When I opened the sample packet, I got the scent of wood shavings with the surprise of a light floral scent. Steeped, the tea had a slight musky scent. When I tried this tea, I found it gave a rich, full mouth feel and no "grassy" taste as some tea drinkers find in green teas. I greatly enjoyed this tea!

Next, I tried this Xin Yang Mao Jian Green Tea. These tea leaves had a very wiry appearance and reminded me of dried grass clippings. The dry tea leaves had a vegetal scent.

When I steeped this tea, I began to detect some faint smokiness. This tea, too, had a rich mouth feel, and I could taste a bit of the smoky quality, and it was quite enjoyable. Definitely two thumbs-up for these two teas from Teavivre!


  1. Enjoyed your tasting notes - I like a good bi lo chun - wish I could sample them with you!

  2. Good review! Teavivre does have some nice green teas.

  3. Thanks! ALWAYS appreciate your tea reviews!!


  4. Sounds like nice green teas. Thanks for the review.


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