Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #46 - Waioli Tea Room (Honolulu, Hawaii)

When I spent a year cooking old tea room recipes in 2013, one of the tea room cookbooks I acquired for this project was from the Waioli Tea Room in Honolulu, Hawaii, a tea room owned and operated by the Salvation Army. When I saw this vintage postcard from that tea room, I naturally was interested. (Click here to see what "tropical" food I prepared from the tea room's cookbook.)

Although this postcard doesn't contain a message, it does contain some information that I found useful, that someone ate there on May 20 and ate a "Buffet Lunch." Now I don't have any official research for this, but my sense is that older postcards were purchased more for mailing and communication purposes, and more modern-era postcards (say, fifties on) were just as likely to be purchased as souvenirs. This is not the first time I've seen a postcard whose purchaser used it for journaling purposes, and I must say I rather like this idea. When you purchase postcards during your travels, do you send them or use them as keepsakes?


  1. When we traveled on vacation as kids with our parents, we always purchased postcards as souvenirs. At the end of the day, they would be glued into a small notebook and a few words would be written beside them to become our vacation journal. I still have the book from when we traveled out West.

  2. I remember your post about the Hawaiian cookbook, and what fun to have the "matching" postcard. Sometimes I use them as souvenirs, sometimes I mail them.

  3. Sometimes when you're in a museum or on a historic home tour, photos aren't allowed inside. So I usually check out the postcards to get a souvenir of something I couldn't photograph.

  4. that is a nice postcard Angela, looks like a nice place to have to it looks like a nice place to have tea. I enjoy postcards both as souvenirs and to send.
    my dad loved History and was a history teacher. Every spring he went on a "close up" trip to Washington DC and he would send me postcards. Though he has passed away, I still have those postcards and I treasure them.

    Speaking of treasures and Hawaii, have you been to Truett's luau in Fayetteville? It's a one-of-a-kind chick-fil-a with a Hawaiian theme - serving bubble tea, jasmine rice, pineapple milkshakes, Hawaiian bread pudding, and pork and shrimp entrees. They even have fast and tiki hut roofs. They even give you Hawaiian postcards. They even have buffets and live music. We really enjoyed it and I hope you will too. Hope you have a nice weekend. Joanie

  5. I send postcards, but I also keep some for my scrapbooks.

  6. I have a blogging friend that sends herself postcards each day of her trip to journal about the trip, then when she returns home makes them into a travel book. Love, love postcards and especially old ones. This one is a nice find.


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