Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #45 - Laurel Court Tea Room at the Fairmont Hotel (San Francisco, Calif.)

Isn't this a pretty scene from the Laurel Court Tea Room at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco? I've seen this postcard for sale online many times, but usually the card's back was blank so I was holding out for one with some sort of message.

And here's the message: "Well Hello Laura am having a good time and will be home soon With Love Lee." This was sent to Miss Laura Davidson of Forest Grove, Oregon on Aug. 3, 1913, and I am completely charmed by its simplicity and sweetness. I have to believe Lee was Laura's suitor, don't you? One thing concerns me, though, and it's that upside-down stamp in the upper right corner. I thought perhaps it was part of the "Language of Stamps" meaning "I love you" or something, but it turns out that the upside-down position in the upper right corner means "Write no more," whereas if it had been upside down in the upper left corner that would have meant "I love you." But I have never seen a postcard with a stamp in the upper left corner, have you? Here is one of the many articles available online that explains the secret language of stamps. I do hope poor Lee didn't get his wires crossed!

Oh, and you'll be happy to hear the Laurel Court is still serving tea at the Fairmont Hotel today, and you can click here to see it for yourself and here to read about their Afternoon Tea!


  1. You have an amazing collection of post cards. They take us back to another era!

  2. Intriguing 'mystery!' In looking closely at the photo of stamp positions in the link you provided, it seems to me that the message might have been 'I am not free.' Or perhaps Lee and Laura had their own secret language? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very pretty! I would like to believe that Lee was like me, and had never heard of anything regarding stamp positions except that upside down means "I love you"! (Or sometimes now it means I was not paying attention.)

  4. Oh boy does that bring back memories! Having tea in white gloves and hat as a child after shopping with my Mom or Aunt in Union of the reasons I love afternoon tea!

  5. Now I use to live in SF and never knew there was tea time here. Interesting about the stamp, I always thought it was "I love you" too. I am guessing Lee is Laura's sister.

  6. This is GREAT, Angela - what a wonderful find.

    By the way you may want to delete that one anonymous spam comment, it doesn't belong on your wonderful post. ♥ Hugs.\

    (I get them to and just remove them.)

  7. What a lovely postcard, Angela - and to think that you can still have tea there today, wow!

    I'm wondering if the Fairmont Hotel was the inspiration for a tv show (many years ago) that was set in San Francisco and gave a 'behind the scenes look' at the comings and goings at a luxury hotel? Seems like James Brolin was the star? I can't remember much else about it but it was enjoyable to watch.

    Thanks for providing the links, very interesting. Hope you have a nice weekend, Joanie

  8. What a stately location to enjoy Afternoon Tea! And love that they are still serving tea!


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