Friday, November 21, 2014

A new tea room opens — in 1914!

Last month I blogged about a wonderful vintage cookbook that tea friend Jenn sent me from Massachusetts. She said at the time that the chapter house of her Daughters of the American Revolution chapter there, the Colonel Timothy Bigelow Chapter, was being reorganized, and when they came across a supply of the books, they decided to use them as a fundraiser. But the story doesn't end there. This week, Jenn wrote with the exciting (to me at least!) news that it has been discovered that her DAR chapter's house once was home to ... a tea room! Above is a screen grab of the chapter's website where I pulled up this information.

A scrapbook revealed that this DAR chapter opened their tea room in the "old Paine Homestead" in 1914. This is a screen grab of a newspaper article about the tea room, and here's a link to the blog post with the article. I won't ruin the surprise by telling you what type of china they used (just take a guess), because I absolutely adored getting to read about this charming tea room of yesteryear. A special thanks to Jenn, once again, for sharing, because I know some of you are going to love this wonderful bit of tea room history as much as I do!


  1. I enjoyed reading about that tea room, and I love their choice of china!

  2. I've just shared the blog link with my fellow Daughters. Thanks Angela!

    For those of you who wish to see more of The Oaks, you can view my photos on Flickr.

    These were taken last November to support an article in American Spirit, which is the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution bi-monthly magazine. Not was The Oaks featured as the historic home of January/February 2014, but also one of my photos made the magazine cover.

    While I don't think it was ever used as a tea room, I am excited to share that I will have photos in the next January/February issue of the American Spirit of a historic home in Dedham, Massachusetts called The Fairbanks House.


  3. How fun to see my blog featured in another blog! Thanks for sharing.


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