Friday, November 7, 2014

Is loose tea better than teabags?

What do you say when someone asks you, "Is it true that loose tea is better than teabags?" I'm never able to give people the outright yes-or-no answer they expect and always like to tell them that while I do enjoy loose tea, there are some very high-quality teabags on the market so it really just depends on the manufacturer. That said, I also really like to encourage others to experience the joys of brewing loose leaf tea, and this week I tried this beautiful new sample I recently received from Golden Tips in India, their Halmari Gold Black Tea. I love seeing these pretty brown and black bits of leaf!

The package tells me this tea originated in Assam, India and was picked on June 2, 2014. Every time I try a new Golden Tips tea, I marvel at the fact a tea growing in India just a few months ago is steeping in my teacup today.

I've been sipping so much hot tea this week that I'm using my tea infuser baskets pretty steadily, and here's one containing the Halmari Gold leaves after they've steeped. While the dry tea had that wood shavings scent I've come to admire, the steeped tea had an almost sweet scent and a pleasantly malty taste and was as fine a cup of black tea as I've had in a while, just perfect for my afternoon teatime. I've been very impressed with the new teas I've tried from Golden Tips, and I noticed on the website they have a $15 sampler offer (with free shipping) for anyone who wants to give them a try. Click here to find out more.


  1. I do like teabags for their convenience, since I often drink hot tea at work,but I am going to try some loose teas too -at home!

  2. There is a convenience about using tea bags in certain situations - but definitely prefer loose leaf tea for the quality in flavor. The other day, a woman in the tea room requested hot water instead of selecting from our extensive tea list - and then she used her own tea bag (Red Rose). We all have our personal preferences!

  3. Oh my, what kind of person goes to a tea room and takes their own tea bag!
    I use mostly loose leaf tea and in an infuser although I do make my own tea bags with purchased sacs.
    Sometimes a tea is only available in bags so I don't mind using them too.

  4. This tea looks and sounds totally wonderful. Your answer is right on. Though I prefer loose occasionally I find a teabag tea that is good. Steven Smith is one that makes good tea bag tea and if I am giving tea as a gift I often buy it in tea bag form as I know many like the convenience of tea bags.

  5. I agree with you. There are some good teabags on the market. I mostly drink loose but you can't argue the convenience of a tea bag.

  6. Rosemary, I have seen some random stuff since I joined the TEAinTEXAS team. My boss has stories from parties she hosts or assists with that reminds us that what we know is not common knowledge. I love loose tea but see the appeal of bagged when traveling. I'm just so in love with tea canisters right gone so a cardboard box is no comparison!


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