Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some new tea from Kenya

A popular credit card commercial always likes to say, "What's in YOUR wallet?" I think a much more fun question is, "What's in YOUR teacup?" Today, mine has a tea filter containing a very fine blend of tea that I recently received from my friend Lisa.

Lisa's father was an interpreter for the UN and went to Kenya quite a bit, so she says that she has a real fondness for Kenya. For that reason, she was at a market not long ago and bought what she thought was Kenyan teabags from Safari Pure Tea only to find out she'd purchased Kenyan loose tea instead. May I just say I am so blessed to get my friends' tea rejects? As most of you know by now, I'll try anything once, and if it's good I'll drink it more than once!

I had no idea what to expect when I opened this bag of Safari Pure Tea, but when I poured a little out I realized it is one of those super-fine blends that resembles coffee grounds. The other tea I've had that looked like this is the London Cuppa blend, which I know some of you have tried and enjoyed. When I first steeped this Safari tea it was wayyyyy too strong for these tastebuds, but when I steeped it a second time for just about two minutes it was perfect. It's a nice brisk blend and just the sort of thing I enjoy on these cold afternoons when I need a little pick-me-up at the end of my workday. So now it must be asked: "What's in YOUR teacup today?"


  1. I have never seen tea so finely presented as this Kenya tea, save for opening teabags...which are dusty.

    I think that's why it brewed so fast, The finer ground coffee works the same (expresso comes to mind.)

    So what did your Kenyan tea taste like?
    I know I have sipped Kenyan teas before but nothing comes to memory.

    What's in MY tea today is super strong coffee...I have a friend coming over to borrow all my Christmas tea china and glassware, and I have been trudging up and down and up and down my basement bringing it all up and wrapping it securely.

    It's a bittersweet chore, as I am invited to her tea - so happy to help. But of course it doesn't made me any younger to be doing this. Should have down in stages and not wait till last minute, haha. Hugs.

  2. Earl Gray for me this morning. Time to go make it now!

  3. Just by looking at this tea I can see it needs a quick steep and maybe a dash of milk, yummmm! In my cup today is Dian Hong, purchased at New Century Teas in Seattle, WA. One of my standard morning teas, much like Yunnan Gold. BTW - love the cup you were sipping from.

  4. Downton Abbey Grantham breakfast blend, black Assam with ginger. Can't wait until the new season!

  5. I love that blue and white china!

  6. Today is Earl Grey and a few cups of Sencha green tea

  7. I am a teabag or loose tea leaf fan, and have never had the fine "grind". I also don't like my tea really strong, so am glad it helped with the second brew. You are great to try and report it all for us!

  8. Organic oolong from China recently purchased on Cape Cod. It takes longer than some other teas to steep but has a flavor that I enjoy.
    With a grateful heart,
    Sylvia Faye

  9. Do you sweeten your tea? Do you ever use lemon, milk, or other? In the morning, my tea is COFFEE but in the afternoon, I like a cup of tea, or two or three. I am not great yet with the loose tea and I am looking for the perfect gaiwan and a place to buy my favorite CHOICE brand genmai.


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