Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spoons from Halle Brothers Department Store

After writing my book "Dainty Dining" in 2011 and researching some 20 old department store tea rooms, I was rather addicted to the research and kept exploring. Halle Brothers Department Store in Cleveland, Ohio got on my radar, and I soon added a teapot, a postcard and a recipe booklet to my Halle's collectibles. I'm now working on a second book of department store tea room recipes, so when some tiny little teaspoons from Halle's turned up online recently, I *had* to have them!

I can't believe the detail that was captured in the bowl of these 4-3/8-inch spoons! The most interesting thing I've learned about Halle's so far, however, is that actress Halle Berry was named for the store.

Their signature "H" adorns the handle of these spoons, and I can't help thinking these just might have been used in the department store's tea room. If any Halle's fan happens to know for sure that this is so, please shoot me an e-mail!


  1. Oh my, Angela, I grew up in Cleveland and spent many Saturdays downtown. We would often have lunch at Halle's or
    Higbee's. What a thrill it is to see
    your lovely spoons and I do remember
    the teapots. I sometimes look on Ebay
    for items from these stores, but have never seen your spoons. They are

  2. Good for you, Angela! Great that you are working on another book too. Great for us.

  3. So happy to read about your latest department store acquisitions, and even happier to know that you're working on a sequel to your first department store book! That's great news, and I'll be waiting in line to get a copy!

  4. What an unusual and interesting find!

  5. I don't know if it was you I sang it to but I grew up on the north coast, on Lake Erie between Cleveland and Toledo - each about 2.5 hours east or west..........truly paradise where I hail from...........when I was little there was the catchiest jingle on tv and radio about Halle's!

    It went something like:

    Mr. Jingaling are you jingling
    Keeper of the keys....
    On Halle's second floor
    We'll be waiting for
    You to turn the key!

    I remember the tune and the words are close but not sure - anyone else remember that song?

    I THINK the second floor was the toy department - could ask my older siblings they may remember, or my oldest cousins certainly would have shopped there.

    I never did but hear fond memories of that grand downstore store in its heyday.

    What a shame we closed downtowns and built suburban malls that killed almost all downtowns, it's shameful and stupid planning in my opinion. So much so that I can count on one hand how many times I have been to a mall in the last 10 years - and that was to buy glasses!

    Neat post, Angela - I love your memorabilita. Another book by you is GREAT news! YAY!!!!


  6. Cute spoons! Interesting tidbit of information re: Halle Berry! And, oh, a second cookbook! Can't wait!

  7. Wonderful find! I grew up in Cleveland and loved going 'Downtown' to Halles. I remember standing in line to see Mr. Jingaling at Christmas, to get my key. I wonder if my mother still has it. You might already know, The Christmas Story was filmed in Cleveland, even though the movie is set in Indiana. They re did all the store windows to look like the 50's
    Another fond memory was seeing the Christmas windows at Halles,Higbees and May Co. Thanks for the memories!


  8. How fun to read the memories of Michele and Frances. You're ambitious to be on your second book already, and it is certainly admirable to document the information you find.
    Looking forward to your next book.

  9. What interesting spoons. And what wonderful stories that are shared by other commenters.

  10. Now you have me curious. I have a bunch of old spoon and wondering if any are from a department store. Must look soon. Now how fun to have another book in works. I hope you are enjoying to putting together of it.

  11. i grew up in cleveland and remember downtown halles well. mom took me there for lunch after a day of shopping. we only went downtown when shopping for a new easter oufit or christmas or prom etc. anyway the lunch room was very large and elegant with excellent lunch salads and sandwiches...i remember all the tables had fresh flowers/ linen tablecloths/napkins and all silver coffee/tea pots and those days everyone dressed when downtown...for a little girl that meant gloves and purse and hat.....oh an outing at halles made me feel very grownup....i do not remember a special tea room...other than the main dining room...but i know that tea/ coffee and dessert were served with great pomp and circumstance. they had a very elaborate entrance lobby and all marble large restroom with attendants. your comment about the spoons brought to memory how much i liked them because even though my feet dangled off the chair the spoon fit my hand just right ...i was not drinking tea but the small spoons came with my ice cream dessert. i am very envious of your halles was a wonderful store and holds very fond memories for me. i am fairly new to your blog 2 months and i do enjoy it...jan

  12. Wonderful post, today! The spoons are beautiful and how neat the engravings are on the spoons. I love the comments from Michele and Frances - not only are your posts great, Angela, your readers comments add to the 'specialness' of it all!
    Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather, Joanie

  13. ps: Congratulations on your second book Angela! That's welcome and wonderful news, Joanie


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