Friday, September 21, 2012

Some new salt & pepper shakers

My town has a big sidewalk sale that begins the Friday before Labor Day each year. This year, on that Friday, my husband and I were walking to a local restaurant when I passed one store's sale table and saw these English bone china salt and pepper shakers. "Cute!" I said, but I added that I didn't really need them and kept going. To my surprise (no, really!), my husband went back and got them for me and tucked them into a bag with my anniversary gifts this year.

And it doesn't mean I love England more, but I do love the teapot shaker best! Next time there's a "royal" anything to celebrate, I'll have the perfect accessories to add to the table.

But meanwhile, what do we do with teapot salt and pepper shakers when they're not in use? Yes, that's right. We add ribbons and turn them into Christmas ornaments!


  1. LOVE THEM!! I love that it has those two flags in particular. Somehow I thought you might do what you did. Merry Christmas!
    Ruthie from Lady B's

  2. Those are cute salt & peppers. I love your "Keep Calm...." ribbon too.

  3. They're sweet and will look nice on your tree this year.

  4. What a sweet hubby! Happy Anniversary! The salt'n'pepper shakers are very cute.

  5. So cute, and that is the perfect ribbon for making ornaments from them. (Oh, and I did find the teapot and teacup ornaments at a Cracker Barrel last weekend. And two rolls of the pink teacup ribbon at the Michaels in Augusta. Thanks again for letting me know what to look for!)

  6. How adorable and what a great idea making Christmas ornaments from them. I was looking at other posts on your blog and I love the tea cup note card post. Oh yes, Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetheart. And a big thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner.

  7. My thought exactly, Christmas decorations - just perfect.

  8. Those are too cute, Angela! And a big tip of the hat to your sweet husband - what a thoughtful man.
    Happy Anniversary to you both.
    So nice to see a happily married couple. All the best to you both, Joanie

  9. I love those and they are even more special since they were such a thoughtful gift from your husband.:)


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