Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some unexpected teatime gifts!

Last week a package arrived in my mailbox and I was puzzled. I didn't immediately recognize the name of the sender,and I hadn't won anything on eBay lately so I knew that wasn't it. Then, I opened the package and learned that Christine, who won one of my Valentine's Week giveaways, had sent me a gift of some tea-themed goodies she had made, and I immediately pulled out an old faithful teapot for a little fashion show!

There was a lovely crocheted tea cozy made with a pretty variegated yarn. I have used some of this exact same yarn before since I like the colors so much!

And there were also two tea-themed knit dishcloths, including this one featuring a teacup. I was so touched at receiving such a thoughtful surprise. As someone who loves to *give* handmade gifts, it was sure fun to *receive* some handmade gifts!


  1. Very sweet. What a kind gift.

  2. What a pretty and thoughtful tea lover gift Christine sent you.

    Your "old faithful" teapot is lovely with those dainty pink roses.

  3. Now that's a special gift! I love knitted tea cozies!

  4. What a sweet surprise! Handmade gifts are so wonderful, aren't they?

    I love your 'old faithful' teapot, Angela - very pretty!
    Christine, those are very nice items and I know they will be treasured. 'Tea with Friends' is a great post, thank you Angela,
    you always make my day! Have a great day, Joanie

  5. What a special package - a knitted tea cozy!

  6. Handmade gifts are so thoughtful!

  7. Surprises are the very best and when it is a special gift just wonderful! What a treat. I think I am like you, Angela, I love giving, but always surprised to receive.


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