Friday, April 8, 2011

Mother/Daughter "Tea for Two" Aprons

The tea I mentioned yesterday wasn't the only thing I found at Ross last week. I spied this Mother-Daughter apron set, and my mom said I should get it to have on hand for when the little girls in my life visit. In fact, she pretty much *insisted* I get it because she bought it for me!

This is the child-size apron that matches the adult-size apron above.

I thought the appliques were just too cute, including this teapot and ...

... a teacup! So now when the sweet 4- and 5-year-old in my life come to visit (granddaughter and niece), we must have something to bake because we'll need an excuse to wear these cute aprons!


  1. The tea applique aprons are really cute - nice colors too.

  2. Those are very cute, Angela!

  3. The aprons are just so sweet. I have a picture of one of our granddaughters and me in our aprons when we were baking a few years ago. How I wish we could have had the same aprons to wear.

  4. So cute! Now if I only had a little girl in my life.

  5. I'm glad your Mom insisted you get these. I know the little girls will love wearing them and helping you in the kitchen.

  6. These are so cute, Angela! I'm glad you found them. Your Mom sounds very sweet & thoughtful -
    'the apple didn't fall far,' did it? Happy Baking & I hope you & yours have a nice weekend, Joanie

  7. I could picture Emma and Lily in those !!!!! Too cute.


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