Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Royal Wedding Week!

Yes, friends, the week so many of us have been waiting for is finally here! I have been talking about hosting a Royal Wedding Tea for years now, and my girlfriends and I are so excited! I've already got some baked goodies in the freezer, the decorations are ready to go, and I'm almost through finalizing my menu, so bring on the Royal Wedding! For my fellow fanatics, I wanted to share some of the Royal Wedding goodies I'll be using to help celebrate. First, I was thrilled to finally find these Will and "Ka-tea" tea bags I've been reading about for months now! I'm sure most of you royal watchers, like me, have seen these teabags in news stories online, but I wasn't prepared to pay the cost of ordering them from the maker in Germany. Happily, Books a Million had a whole table of Royal Wedding goodies and that's where I found these.

You can sip from the Prince William teabag or ...

... perhaps you prefer Kate, who looks rather like she's in a hot tub, doesn't she? I'm not actually going to sip these teas until Friday, but I did want to let you know where I found them.

Buttons, anyone? Books a Million also had these. This is the one I'll be wearing on Friday, because it matches my new teapot pajamas. If I can find a matching hat, I'll be wearing that, too.

I can't decide if I want to actually *use* these William and Kate paper dolls or not. Perhaps I'll just display the book in one of the little vignettes I'll be creating.

These are some of the Dover paper dolls that are so popular (I also have Victoria and Albert and Charles and Diana ones), and I love that you can go online and download the wedding outfits later. Fun!

My friend Joanie found this royally fun product at Bath and Bodyworks and was kind enough to share! Behind the Union Jack there is a small bottle of antibacterial gel. Too cute!

And T.J. Maxx made my decorating easier by offering these sweet little gift sets I'll be using on Friday.

I've also pulled out this small plate I found for $1 at an estate sale last year.

And finally, this vintage Welsh Guard doll was a Christmas gift from a friend the year I went to London. Can you tell I'm excited? Are any of you going to be watching and/or tea partying during the royal wedding?


  1. Oh Angela, Your party sounds like it will be so much fun! Wish I could be there!!! I just *love* all of these accesories that you have found.

  2. What fun! Oh, how I wish I could be there!

  3. Fun indeed! Looks like you are set for your celebration! Love those silly tea bags! Can't wait to hear your menu. It's Royal Wedding week at Rosemary's Sampler and in the tea room also. We have a Ladies-in-Waiting tea on Wednesday and the Royal Reception on Friday evening. Fun!

  4. Delightful !!!!! Looks like everyone will have a royal time. Take pics !!!

  5. Great post, Angela - let the Festivities begin!

    I'm enjoying the Royal Coverage. Have you seen Jane Seymour's reports for Entertainment Tonight? THey're great - she did a story on her former home, a gorgeous castle & then went on a Pub Crawl, by boat! I'm ready to go too!

    You've got some great British finds, the plate with Queen Elizabeth is beautiful & those Kate & William tea bags are too cute!
    Have a Great Week, Joanie

  6. I'm sure your tea party will be a lot of fun. Looking forward to virtually being a part.

  7. Both of the sure are good couple, Kate Middleton is so beautiful and gorgeous. Prince William sure knows what he is getting into. I can say that they are both lucky with each other. Epic

  8. Actually, I am having my two daughters, two gdaughters, and some gal friends over to watch the wedding (TIVOed) Friday night!

  9. I'm just loving all your little english treasures,I'm English and live in the uk ,today has been a fabulous day I'm still in the party mood complete with bunting and union jacks!!..Love your blog


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