Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Royal Wedding Day!

And I'm a wee bit excited! Gift bags are ready.

Buttons are ready.

Do you think grown women are too old for princess wands? No, I didn't think so. Details and photos coming Monday -- if I can wait that long!


  1. WONDERFUL! I can't wait to see all the photos with details! I have just been watching the ceremony on TV.

  2. How Festive !!!! Hope that you and your guests have a wonderful time .

  3. Have fun! Love the buttons! It was a lovely wedding ~ such pomp and circumstance. Our big to-do is tonight.

  4. Every girl needs a princess wand. ;-)

    Wasn't Kate gorgeous? Hope you had a fab time - looking forward to the photos.

  5. Very Royal ! I hope you are not going to wear a yellow dress !

  6. I am anxious to see all your photos and hear all the details!

  7. You look royally prepared, Angela!
    I so enjoyed the coverage and thought it was just beautiful.
    Can't wait for your photos!
    Have a great weekend, Joanie


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