Friday, September 17, 2010

Treasures from Sandy Lynam Clough

It's too bad my lunchtime friends from yesterday's post got stuck in traffic on I-285 and were running a little late, but nothing could have made me happier than to have some extra time for browsing at Collectors Corner! I have rarely left there empty-handed, and this visit was most fruitful. I solved the problem of what to put on a certain blank wall that's been staring at me for nearly four years: a set of Sandy Lynam Clough teacup prints! I have been holding out for "just the right thing," and when I saw this set of four *signed* and framed prints for just $22, it was a happy moment indeed! This one with roses on it is probably my favorite.

I was volunteering at a conference of Presbyterian women meeting in Atlanta many years ago and first bought one of her prints and got her to sign it. I have loved her and her work ever since! Sandy gets so many details in her work, and she gets them exactly right. I love the shape of this teacup, the beribboned cameo and the elegant doily.

In this piece, I am drawn to the shading on the teacup and how it leads your eye to the pansy. I also love the lacy appearance of the linens in her work.

Frankly, I am still stunned someone would part with these prints. Signed Sandy Lynam Clough prints. I mean, really. A beautiful teacup, sentimental locket photos, a lace doily with even the picots depicted exactly right! (I don't know if she is a needleworker herself, but she certainly is precise with the needlework details, which I so appreciate.)

Finally, I have to add that my mom once found this signed SLC print at a yard sale for $1 and gave it to me for Christmas! Great minds think alike!


  1. Lovely find, Angela! I used to be an independent Sandy Clough tea lady and sold her products at home parties. She does beautiful work! Unfortunately her venture with home parties didn't survive and she closed that aspect of her business.

  2. Oh my goodness, those are lovely, Angela! I too can't imagine anyone selling them but I'm glad that you will give them a good home. Thanks for sharing & hope you have a nice weekend,

  3. WOW! I'm so happy for you! An excellent find. She is one of my favorite artist and I only have one print. It's hard to believe someone would part with them, but I'm happy they found a new home with you.

  4. What a fantastic find. I love her work too.

    As I've said before, your Mom is the best bargain shopper anywhere. :-)

  5. Sandy Lyman Clough's work is really lovely. I own most of her books and some of her works.

  6. My sister and I were just talking about Sandy Clough and our pieces today. So I thought I would Google her and stumbled upon your site. What a lovely treasure you found. I can't believe someone gave those up. But, you are the winner! Congrats.


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