Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A tea towel rescue

So here's the deal. The sign said that everything on this one rack in the antique mall in Anniston was on clearance for $1. Vintage linens? For just $1? I started digging and found this embroidered and lace-edged tea towel and ...

... this large square "Pots and Pans" tea towel, which made the cut because of the tea kettle in the corner, and also ...

... this teacup-embroidered tea towel and ...

... actually this one is a small tablecloth, not a tea towel, and all four corners have a different piece of teaware embroidered on them. Now there is a reason these pieces were on clearance. All had stains or a small tear, but the designs were all intact and, I thought, well worth $1 each.

I also found a vintage tea caddy, which was a little more than $1, but I am most proud of my newly-rescued linens!


  1. Great deals! I want to go shopping with you. you definitely have a knack for finding lovely things at a good price.

  2. My goodness - that's better than yard sale prices - great deal. I like all the pretty linens and your vintage tea caddy.

  3. Such great finds! I love even the damaged linens because you can pile several together on a table and cover the damaged spots or cut them up and make something very special with them. That caddy is beautiful.

    BTW, you do give us temptation on a daily basis. I ended up getting the Serendipity Tea book yesterday in the mail. One I have wanted for a long time.

  4. You GO girl!! I get so excited when you post your fabulous tea finds!

  5. What great finds! Angela, what a 'Super Treasure Hunter' you are - I love the tea linens, I always 'wonder' what kind of events they 'were at,' was it a birthday celebration or just a tea party? They seem to have such a story, such a history. That caddy is lovely, too. Joanie

  6. What fun finds, Angela. You find the neatest things at bargain prices!

  7. What great things you found. I'm sure you will find a way to cover the imperfections.

  8. I love the animated pots and pans
    towel ! So retro !


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