Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tea & National Rose Month

Just in time to celebrate National Rose Month, my Tea Clipper rose has bloomed! An early birthday gift from my friend Deberah this spring, this David Austin rose was named to mark the centenary of the death of tea trader Frederick Horniman. (The tea clipper was the last and fastest of the great sailing ships which transported tea.) It seems I've been staring at the Tea Clipper's bud for weeks now, but on Saturday and Sunday evenings it was pouring down rain when I got home so I didn't make my customary evening inspection. Monday morning dawned damp but dry, and when I went outside this lovely rose was there waiting for me! These blossoms are yummy little perfectly rounded cups with the most divine rose fragrance you can imagine. The petals are that perfect creamy-dreamy salmon shade with just the merest hint of pink, a fetching combination that reminds me of vintage crepe paper.

Funny, too, because I'd been wondering what I might do today in honor of National Rose Month. Lots of tea lovers are rose lovers, and I think planting a rose named in honor of a tea clipper would be one swell way to celebrate!

Another idea? Search out a new rose design cup and saucer and/or try a new tea flavored with roses! This Good Earth Lemongrass Tea, a gift from my friend Maureen of the Tea and Talk blog, would be an excellent choice. When I looked at the ingredient list, I was surprised to find both peppermint and rose petals listed, because I don't think of those two flavors as going together, but they do. It's a subtle blend, and the teamakers got it just right. Do any of you have a favorite rose-flavored tea? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. that delicate color is heavenly !
    would make a great shade of wall paint!

  2. Your Tea Clipper rose is exquisite. I love its delicate petals and that lovely salmon shade.

    I didn't realize that the tea included rose petals - perfect.

  3. Angela, it really is beautiful. It is hard for me to believe those "sticks and thorns" turned into some so lovely. I am so excited for you and glad that it bloomed before the summer was out. I hope you have many, many, many more and it is always beautiful.

  4. What a beautiful color! I will have to find one of those roses to plant. And what a lovely tea cup too! I found a passion-fruit tea that has hibiscus and rose petals. Delicious in the summer as iced tea. (I love both hot and cold teas). Hope your June is full of joy!


  5. I use to sell a tea called Moroccan Rose with mint and roses. It was good.

    The rose is beautiful! I think I am going to have to get one the next time I shop for roses. I will be at Heirloom Roses on Father's Day.

  6. Your rose is beautiful!

    I've had a green tea that included cherry blossoms and rose petals.

  7. Your Tea Clipper rose is beautiful!! What a special rose for a tea lover to have blooming in her garden!


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