Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

In my neck of the woods, the town of Senoia has the biggest Memorial Day celebration around. The event is only a few years old, but already it has all the buzz and it's getting bigger and bigger each year. There's a parade and a street fair with vendors of all sorts, food vendors, evening entertainment and more. My friend Liz had a car in the parade for her store, Cydney's Alley, so Alex and I headed to Senoia around noon that day to be part of the fun. Although it had rained overnight and it would rain again that evening, the rain stayed away for the parade, which was wonderful!

The streets aren't crooked, but I learned that if I took a shot diagonally I could show a bit more of the throngs of parade watchers lined up along Main Street in downtown Senoia.

One of the most heartwarming things about Memorial Day is watching hundreds of people line up and cheer as our veterans and soldiers go by in the parade. There were firetrucks, tractors, and some modern and vintage military vehicles.

There were also plenty of antique cars, including this great red one ...

... driven by Wes, a friend of Cydney's Alley. (His dog Dixie got lots of attention for riding in the parade.)

Of course I had to scout out the antiques and crafts booths. The teacup birdfeeders at this one caught my eye, and the price was certainly right ($12).

And this teacup birdfeeder will soon have a place in my tea garden, the perfect souvenir from this year's Memorial Day celebration!


  1. Looks like a great Memorial Day celebration.

    Your teacup birdfeeder is really pretty.

  2. Love your teacup bird feeder! The lovely young lady that I took the traveling blue teapot to last year [for a pick-me-up tea party], lost her battle with cancer in November. Before she passed, however, she gave me a teacup bird feeder. It's a lasting memory of her and the birds love it too!

  3. You are right. That teacup bird feeder is perfect and I am sure the parade was so much fun, too.

  4. What a lovely Memorial Day celebration. Your birdfeeder will be right at home in your garden

  5. Oh how fun!! Our city didn't have money in the budget for a celebration and parade as in years past so it's such a treat to see your photos!! And I lurve your tea cup feeder! I have that cup too!!! Lol

  6. What a fun day and I love your bird feeder. I have seen them here too and always thought they would be perfect for the tea garden.

  7. Thanks for sharing your Memorial Day with us.

    Can you tell us how the teacup bird feeder was made? I've only seen pictures, but no instructions. Any idea what kind of glue they used? What is the pole made of? Sorry for the questions, but I feel strongly that the birds in my neighborhood need a teacup from which to eat :-)


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