Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Matilda gets a makeover!

It was time. My mannequin Matilda's look was -- how to say this nicely? -- Dated. Mousy. Plain. She was long overdue for a makeover.

"Lace," I had been thinking. My friend Deberah gave me a huge length of wide scalloped lace a while back, and I decided it would become Matilda's new frock. There.

A girl's got to have accessories, though. I like pink ones. Sets a nice vintage tone for her new look.

And then, a pin or two. Tea-themed, of course. My newest ones are this Danecraft pin, which has a moveable teaspoon (although WHY you'd want to move the teaspoon I do not know) ...

... and this Bakelite one, the first-ever Bakelite teapot pin I've come across! It's large, about two inches, and dark brown, and I cannot wait to wear it this fall. Matilda may wear it until then.

"More is more" when accessorizing, however, and Matilda never said to stop, so I didn't.

I wondered what my husband would think about her and was quite relieved when he said, "That's cute!" What girl doesn't like to be complimented on her new look?


  1. Perfect way of displaying your brooches!! I got the moveable spoon one on Ebay after I saw yours. So now I have Two tea themed pins -to your gazillion!
    Matilda looks Fabulous!

  2. My, my, my, Matilda. You cut a "bella figura". Love your lace, your pink necklace, and all your wonderful pins. The feather is the final touch of panache.
    Dahling, you look Fabulous!
    And I bet Angela had such fun adorning you.

  3. Dear Angela ~ Matilda looks lovely in lace! What a wonderful way to display your brooch collection! Cassandra ♥

  4. Love Matilda's new look -- a girl can't ever have too many books or too much bling! B-)

  5. Your newest tea pins are beautiful. I'll be hunting for that Danecraft cup.

    Matilda looks very elegant in her new finery. What a great way to enjoy looking at all those lovely pins.

  6. Waltzing Matilda, she'll be ready for the ball! Too beautiful, Angela - wow! Joanie

  7. Too very cute, for sure! What a great way to display all those tea pins. Love the bakelite one!

    BTW, ran right out and got the magazine yesterday. Even my husband enjoyed looking at it.

  8. What a wonderful way to display your pins!

  9. Gorgeous dahling! Just gorgeous!

  10. Matilda is charming. The lace becomes her!

  11. Oh wow! What a makeover for Matilda! I love the look!


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