Thursday, June 10, 2010

Growing Tea: Let's try again!

If at first you don't succeed, cry, cry again, right? Oh wait, that's try, TRY again, so that's what I'm going to do with these camellia sinensis seeds. The first time I tried to grow them, I followed the instructions (I thought) to file down the hard outer shell so the embryo could break through and grow. I later learned that gently cracking the seeds is the way to go. No wonder my seeds had rotted in the pot.

So I cracked (the seeds, I mean). And I planted. But I didn't get a very good photo of the cracked seeds first. Here's a good one I found online, and my seeds looked just like these.

And now we wait with fingers crossed!


  1. That was an interesting link on scarification of the seeds.

    How could they not grow in such a cute planter? Can't wait to see the results.

  2. Good luck!

    Sprouting things is always a bit unpredictable.

    I recently planted beans...I usually bank on only some portion of them sprouting. I swear, this year, each and every one has not only sprouted, but grown into a healthy bean plant...including the ones I planted in the middle of a raspberry patch and under trees. It's going to be interesting!

    This year, my arugula did not sprout...I wonder if I had a bad seed packet, or if it was the conditions?

    Similarly I've had trouble with basil this year. But I have a thyme plant that I've grown from seed, which is a first for me!

  3. Good luck with the growing. We have 4 plants in our garden, but I haven't harvested any tea yet. A friend told me she would tell me how to process them. Someone else also has shared, but I just haven't been brave yet. I hope your seeds turn into beautiful plants.

  4. Good luck! I anxiously await the results of your planting.

  5. A tiny tea plantation in a pot!

  6. Good luck! Can't wait to see the results.

  7. Where did you get the seeds?? I've tried to buy a plant, but have been unsuccessful.

  8. Joyce, I found my seeds on eBay! They also have plants for sale, but I wanted to give the seeds another shot first.

  9. I am tried twice to grow camellia sinesis with no luck. I am waiting to see if yours will grow this time so I can learn from you.


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