Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Giveaway Week - Day Two

Don't these simple little Valentines take you back to third grade? Suddenly, I'm in my school desk decorating a white bag to hold the Valentines I will (hopefully) be getting later that week. Maybe even a heart-shaped red sucker or two if I'm lucky! Swapping Valentines is truly a sweet tradition, one I hope never ends. And speaking of sweets ...

Today's giveaway is ... a set of eight vintage baking tins!

I love these petite pans and hope some vintage loving baker will win them, perhaps to bake those Raspberry Financiers I wrote about here. The ones in the classic pudding shape are 2-3/4 inches in diameter, and the heart-shaped ones are about 3-1/2 inches wide. Cakes? Frozen fruit salad? Maybe you'd just like to use them as cookie cutters? Perhaps you don't want to bake with them at all but spraypaint them pink and use them to hold craft supplies like buttons and glitter. It's up to you! Just leave a comment before 7 a.m. EST tomorrow and these can be yours!


  1. OHH I would love to have these to experiment w/ for our church teas.

  2. Pick me, Pick me, Pick me!!!! These remind me of some my grandmother used when I was a little girl......

  3. I spent a good deal of Sunday afternoon reading your blog. I love it!

    I love to bake; so those molds could come in handy.


  4. Oh, I love vintage tins. A lovely give away for sure!

  5. What lovely tins! I would love to add them to my kitchen :)


  6. What great little tins! Please enter my name in the hat, have a great day! Oh, and I remember those little bags and hoping that I'd get suckers too!

  7. It was fun to get those precious Valentine Cards in your bag or box on Valentine's Day.

    I loved decorating a shoe box with red and pink paper and white paper doilies. Then the rest of the month I looked at my Valentines every day and put them away in big box. I saved them for years and then made a big collage one year for a school project.

    These sweet little pans would be fun for making miniature Valentine Cakes with a Rose Water Glaze.

    Happy Valentine's Day! Early I know, but I just love Valentine's Day!

    Mary Jane

  8. Oh my stars, these are SO CUTE! How do you do it! I want to go shopping with you! ha ha Oh I hope I win!

  9. That is a sweet little Valentine. Wish I could remember third grade. The baking tins are great - so many treats would be lovely in those shapes.

  10. Dear Angela, this is so much fun!
    (I feel like I'm back in third grade - with the biggest crush on James Hilton! I sure was 'in love' with him!)

    If I were to win, I would use these adorable tins for craft projects...they are really sweet!

    Thanks for being 'our' Sunny Valentine! Joanie


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