Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The baking tins giveaway winner is ...

... Joanie! Congratulations! And since you're right here in Newnan, Joanie, I'll be glad to drop these off for you rather than mailing them if you prefer. You can e-mail me by clicking the button at right. Congrats!


  1. HOw'd I miss this giveaway? Congrats Joanie

  2. Good for Joanie! Those tins are really wonderful!

  3. Well, Angela, you could knock me down with a feather - how fun is this? I love your blog site and this just makes it even better!

    If you'd like to drop them off, that would be great! I'll be there this Thursday (until 1 p.m.) or you can give them to the Manager on Duty (they are usually at Register Two)

    You have made my day and thank you for all the fun,


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