Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Treasures found in Juliette …

Next door to the Whistle Stop Café in Juliette are several charming antique stores, and at one of them, I was delighted to find some very affordable vintage Christmas goodies, like this Lefton sugar and creamer set that was just $7.95 at a shop called Verna Cora's. I can't wait to decorate with (and use) these pieces at Christmas!

I love the pretty shapes.

And in the world of vintage Christmas collecting, I have discovered, some collectors like the box as much as the item inside of it. In this case, my $3.50 find was an 8-inch cookie cutter that makes either a snowman or a gingerbread boy. One giant cookie on a pretty dessert plate would make a fun gift, wouldn't it? But I love the box as much as the cookie cutter! (Or "cooky cutter," as they used to say.)

And since I so enjoyed working on my Vintage Christmas Cookbook last year, I've continued to collect inexpensive Christmas cookbooks and booklets. This one had that retro look that calls my name, and since it was just $2.95, I grabbed it.

I had noticed the recipes included something called Cinnamon Teas, so that cinched it. But look closely—because I didn't. When I got home, I realized this is a booklet for *bakeries* and produces commercial quantities of these treats. The four pounds of pastry flour and the two pounds four ounces of sugar should have clued me in, ha! (I still may try to reduce these recipes one day and make them.) So even though I was in a tourist hot spot, I was very pleased with my finds and the reasonable prices. If you're ever here on a trip and visit the Whistle Stop Café, you may want to buzz by Verna Cora's as well!



  1. I love that Lefton set! The big gingerbread "cooky" cutter is darling, and the little cookbooklet is a good vintage find, even if the quantities are a bit large for the average home cook.

  2. I really like the holly cream pitcher and sugar bowl, too! That "cooky cutter" would definitely make the biggest gingerbread boy I've ever seen!

  3. You could have all your Christmas cookies finished in one recipe. 😂

  4. What a pretty creamer. The cookie cutter in that very same box resides in my house.


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