Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Cozy Cupfuls Stamp Set by Marcella Hawley for Power Poppy

Every other news story I read lately mentions how the "supply chain" across the world is still disrupted, so I'm starting to get my Christmas lists in order while that's on my mind. I was Googling tea-themed Christmas stamps recently when I came across this darling set by Marcella Hawley for Power Poppy, and I think some of you might like it too!

This charming tree-in-a-teacup stamp is the one I instantly fell in love with, and I know I will enjoy using it to make cards to share with tea friends this Christmas. The design would be pretty to stamp on small packages as well.

But wait, that's not all, as they say on TV! There's another design with a mug on it, and since I assume that most mugs may actually be used as tea mugs (that could be a chai latte we're looking at, after all), I will use this stamp for some designs too.

So if any of you crafter friends are in need of some Christmas stamping supplies, check out this design here (and the last time I looked, it was still on sale for half price!). Shipping is quite reasonable, and my order was shipped within two weeks as promised. I'm very, very happy with this fun purchase, and now I've also got a new stamp designer to keep on my radar!


  1. Those are very cute stamps! I especially like the cardinals with the berries and teacups.

  2. That is a cute set - very tempting! Thanks for sharing it.


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