Monday, February 20, 2017

Hitting the teaware jackpot - Part II

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that I had received a teacup bonanza from not only a longtime friend but also from a friend of hers I'd never met before that day, someone who (to my amazement) also wanted to pass along some teawares. I so enjoyed the lovely afternoon I spent with these friends old and new, and after showing you the first batch of new teacups, I realized it was time to share the second batch of new teacups I received. Aren't they lovely? And all in mint condition!

I suppose my eye will always go to roses first, and this teacup is one I know I will enjoy using again and again!

But I must confess that my newfound passion for blues has me loving this one just as much. And too, I have long loved iris. (I still want to say "irises" for the plural, but the plant folks seem to prefer "iris" for both singular and plural.)

Also in the batch of teaware goodies I received was this gorgeous teapot that Jan, the one who gave it to me, remembered receiving as a young girl. (She's in her sixties now.)

Isn't the gilding on this piece just beautiful?

And of course I was all too happy to realize I had a new Wood & Sons teapot on (and in) my hands. Still can't believe my good fortune in receiving all of these delightful teawares but am incredibly grateful to have such generous friends!


  1. Just beautiful! I am so glad that these lovely tea ware items came to live with you.

  2. The teacups are beautiful and the teapot is lovely too. I know you will enjoy them. They definitely went to the right person.

  3. Your Japanese trio sets, these teacups and Wood & Sons teapot are gorgeous and will definitely be happy in their new home.

  4. They are all just lovely, Angela!

  5. You are the perfect recipient of these lovely cups! Enjoy your good fortune!

  6. How generous your friends were! Of course they knew they were giving these to someone who would care for and appreciate them. They found the perfect new home!


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