Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Teatime images from The Met

Would you not love to come across a teapot like this one someday? I hit the cyber brakes the moment I scrolled up to the eagle perched atop this silver teapot, which the Metropolitan Museum of Art says is attributed to silversmith Christian Wiltberger of Philadelphia.

And how did I happen to come across said teapot? My friend Lynn has once again alerted me to another wonderful new resource for digital images in the public domain, The Met, and I found this there. (You can click on the image to study the teapot in even more detail. It is exquisite!)

In addition to its images of teapots and other teawares, there are also images of famous tea-related art, including some well-known Mary Cassatt paintings (I have always loved her work), and some photos as well. There are so many great uses for these images, and not just blog posts! They can be used in presentations about tea, and I love the thought of using tea-themed artwork to create invitations to teatime. If you'd like to check out these images for yourself, I'll share with you the link that Lynn so kindly shared with me: This one. Enjoy!


  1. What a beautiful teapot! And what a great resource - thanks to Lynn and to you for sharing it.

  2. I took several photos of pretty silver teapots at the Met. We also enjoyed afternoon tea there.

  3. How pretty. Thanks to you and Lynn for sharing the link


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