Friday, January 27, 2017

A tea and teacup that are just dandy

Last year, a new friend gave me a nice big bag of tea samples to try, and the one I've been enjoying this week is the Organic Lemon Dandy tea from Divinitea.

This tea contains organic hibiscus, organic rose hips, organic lemon verbena, organic purple tulsi, organic lemon myrtle and organic dandelion leaf. It's a refreshing herbal blend that tastes like a nice marriage of citrus and berries (from the rose hips, maybe), and I'm enjoying it as a lovely change from all the mint and oolong teas I've been sipping lately.
And in honor of the new "Victoria" series on PBS, I reached for a teacup I've neglected for a while, one I bought in the gift shop at Windsor Castle a few years ago. The pattern comes from a Minton dessert stand purchased by Queen Victoria at The Great Exhibition in 1851, and I think it's a dandy teacup to use for my "Victoria" viewing this winter!


  1. That is a beautiful teacup, and is a dandy one to use with your new tea.

  2. That tea cup is lovely.

  3. Glad the tea tastes are good as it looks.

  4. What a perfect cup to sip from when watching Victoria. Isn't it fun to bring home a teacup for a souvenir? I have two gorgeous ones from two different trips to the Kensington palace. I love them both.

  5. So happy to see you featuring Divinitea! They are fantastic folks with fantastic teas!


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