Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The wisdom of Uncle Si — that's a fact, Jack!

I've shared before that I'm a great fan of A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty," and last week I got this free poster when I happened to visit the Lifeway Christian bookstore in Douglasville and bought a new Bible. What a great freebie! Earlier this year I wrote about finding a tea glass like Uncle Si's here.

The store was obviously promoting its "Duck Dynasty" books (and Miss Kay is coming out with a cookbook today!), because my freebies included the poster, some thank-you cards featuring wacky Uncle Si, and an old-fashioned wooden-handle fan featuring a beard cutout, which I figure my husband can use for … something.

The new Bible, by the way, is on top. A friend of mine said I should keep using the old one "because it makes you look so spiritual," which just made me laugh! I wish I had used it so much (and lived it so much) that it fell apart, but the truth is that I used a cute teacup Bible cover on it and it wrecked the spine!


  1. What fun these freebies are! Love the poster - and that beard fan is a hoot! Most importantly, enjoy using your new Bible.

  2. Love your freebie poster. Wish I could have seen Alex's face when you gave him the beard fan! ;-)
    Both my son and hubby had their Bibles rebound when they started falling apart because there were so many notes and underlines they didn't want to part with it. I will probably do the same. My hubby said he could have bought three Bibles for what he paid to have his rebound, but it was worth it to him.

  3. My niece dressed up as him for Halloween. This was her idea! It started with the sweet tea glass - Grandma had one just like Uncle Si's. ;-) And off she went...

  4. I haven't watched this program yet but may because my daughter made a reference to something I wore on the weekend and Duck Dynasty.
    I really like your new bible - mine is much like your old one and was gifted to me from my parents for my confirmation.

  5. I love Duck Dynasty, too. I always have good laughs watching it and anyone who likes tea - hot or iced - is likeable. Great freebies, too.


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