Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Christmas creamer I love

The other day I stopped by Treasures Old & New here in Newnan, a new antique mall where I've had success finding tea goodies. This time, I was on the lookout for vintage Christmas recipe booklets needed for a project I'm researching. Happily, I found a stack of them, at very good prices, at the very first booth! I'll probably share from them soon too, but the other thing I found was also a Christmas item, a vintage cream pitcher I absolutely adore.

The soft colors of this holly design are just beautiful. I am now fantasizing about finding the matching sugar bowl, some teacups (surely they exist?) and perhaps a teapot as well. I told the nice lady who checked me out to please find the sugar bowl for me, and she just grinned.

Over the years I've realized that old Bavarian teawares are among my most favorites. The backstamp says Z.S. & Co., and of course I looked online immediately hoping to find matching pieces, but with no luck. I always have a backup plan, and I'm going to use this 3-1/4 x 5-1/2-inch piece as either a vase or a silverware holder until I find other pieces, but if any of you should happen to spot some mates, please, please let me know!


  1. Oooh, that's a beautiful piece. Best of luck finding more pieces, in the meantime, use and enjoy it. (It would be pretty with green or red depression glass, maybe?)

  2. This post makes me want to go shopping for "treasures."

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and I actually covet that, Angela - you know I too love my Bavarian - esp ZS CO - have lots of the pretty pink flowery pieces but never saw Christmas - this is a wonderful find, yay!!!


  4. It is beautiful! I love the hunt for new treasures! I will be on the look for you!

  5. The creamer is just beautiful. I can see why you would love it.

  6. Dear Angela,
    I have never seen this pattern or any Bavarian Christmas for that matter. It is soooo sweet. I hope you can someday find some mates to it.
    I agree with Michele-I am doing a little coveting and with Linda in that it makes me want to go treasure hunting. :)

  7. A lovely addition to your Christmas tea table! I'll keep my eyes open for any matching pieces.


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