Friday, November 15, 2013

Forgotten Apricot Tea

It's almost a rule with me to try to match the tea I am drinking to the teacup, but this time I realized I don't really have any "apricot" colored teawares. So I went with the next closest color, the peachy-pink background of this chintz teacup I've had for years. It's very springlike and totally out of season color-wise, but I love it anyway and hey, if I make the rule, I can certainly break the rule!

The tea is a flavored black Apricot Tea from Upton Tea Imports. I discovered the silver packeted sample hidden amongst an old pile of magazines I'd let stack up, which was almost like receiving an unexpected gift—from me to me! I'm glad Upton puts the date tea is ordered on the packet, because it let me know this is still fresh, having been ordered in August.

And oh, friends, if you could have smelled the fragrance wafting from this packet of tea when I opened it ... divine! My only tweak of this tea was that it wasn't quite as sweet as I would have liked, and for the first time in years, maybe, I actually added a teaspoon of sugar. Then, I was quite, quite happy with this Apricot Tea!


  1. That tea looked beautiful in your chintz teacup, and I'm sure it tasted just as lovely.

  2. What a beautiful teacup and saucer to enjoy your Apricot Tea in! I love Republic of Tea's Apricot Decaf

  3. I love hearing that you have to match a tea to a teacup! Sounds like me! Enjoy!

  4. I think a touch of spring to brighten a drab fall day is a wonderful idea! Your chintz teacup is lovely, and the apricot tea sounds great too.

  5. Chinyz is always perfect...and I love the smell of apricot. Nice surprise!

  6. Oh yummmm! Apricot tea and a Spring time, and beautiful cup. What could be better.

  7. Your teacup is gorgeous and that tea sounds wonderful.

    I too don't sweetened many teas, but sometimes it is a must - usually the fruity ones.

    I haven't had apricot tea in a very long time. You have me wanted to heat a kettle right now!

    have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Yummy sounds delish for sure. Always enjoy your lovely blog. Have a blessed weekend.

  9. Oooh, that's inspired me to order some as well...years ago I had some tea like that at a place I worked called Fox on the Green Gift Shop and Tearoom in Salinas, Ca. Pretty sure the place is closed now. It was so very good! I liked that it was a black fruit tea to which milk could be added.

  10. I never had apricot tea in my life before, I think I should better give it i try someday. Thank you for the information about it.

    Finn Felton


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