Thursday, November 7, 2013

Samples from Nuvola Tea

Recently I received some samples from a tea company I'd not heard of before, Nuvola Tea. Here's what the brochure included with the teas says: "Nuvola Tea is an extraordinary collection of hand-picked, premium tea leaves harvested from the most exclusive tea regions situated in the scenic rim of the high mountains in Taiwan. Wreathed in a pristine layer of mist, the unspoiled and fertile soil yields only teas of the finest quality that bring our honoured customers the most enjoyable, refreshing, and wholesome tea experience."

Of course tasting is believing, and first I sampled their Premium Taiwan Oolong Black Tea. When I opened the packet of wiry black tea leaves, I got that yummy scent of wood shavings I associate with the freshest teas, but steeped, there was also a musk-like quality to the tea's fragrance. The taste was nice and brisk but with very little astringency, and this was a nice change from all the flavored teas I have been enjoying this fall.

Next I tried the Premium Taiwan Muzha Ti Kuan Yin Tea. These tea leaves were rolled into little balls, and I detected an almost floral fragrance to these tea leaves. Sipping the steeped tea, I at first thought I was getting a genmaicha sort of taste, and that's the tea that tastes of roasted popcorn to me. This one, however, had a roasted taste but without the bitterness I find in genmaicha. Both teas performed well with multiple steepings, and I was very impressed with my samples from Nuvola Tea. Have any of you ever heard of Nuvola Tea? If not, you may want to check out their website here.


  1. I hadn't heard of Nuvola Tea until your post. It's always nice sampling new teas and becoming familiar with new tea sources.

  2. Never have heard of them - thank you for the heads' up - you are SO GOOD at tea tastings and recommendations, thanks so much.

  3. This brand is new to me too. Thanks for the link.

  4. There are so many new tea companies opening and I hope thriving!

  5. Not one I'd heard of either! Interesting!

  6. I have not heard of Nuvola Teas, but I have been to the Muzha tea farm and sipped teas with the farmer. He has such a passionate spirit for tea and growing organically. You would love sipping tea with this smiling, delightful farmer.


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