Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Donaldson's Tea Rooms Creamer



Actually, "In Between" is probably more like it, as it will take a few more polishings to tidy up this 3 x 5-inch silverplated creamer I found on eBay. Why would I want a dinged-up old silver creamer?

Because it came from a tea room! Donaldson's Tea Rooms once served customers of Donaldson's Department Store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This piece will now join another department store tea room collectible, the Halle Bros. Tea Room tea pot I have, and I'll bet they swap stories on the mantel overnight, don't you?


  1. How cool! Yes, I bet those pieces have some stories they could share.

  2. Nice shape to the creamer, reminds me of a gravy boat. I'll bet they do reminisce together.:-)

  3. Very nice find to add to your department store tea room memorabilia collection.

  4. Well done on both the finding and the polishing!


  5. What a wonderful find! I love it even though it is dinged up. It is beautiful!

  6. Ooooohhhhhh that is a real gem of a find, Angela - love it.

    It screams "fill me with tiny real evergreen branches," or "fill me with tiny chippy old mercury Christmas bulbs," or "fill me with tiny little soaps for the guest bath," or "fill me with mini pinecones," or "fill me with various non-matching antique silverware," or - well, cream? LOL.

    Love this item.

    May you enjoy a truly blessed and very Happy Thanskgiving! Huhgs.


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